BSP: Believer Skeptic Podcast

BSP: Believer Skeptic Podcast

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Episode 118 - Update-isode
October 03, 2022

In this special update-isode, Chris and Cody give everyone an update on what's been going on in their lives. Chris is busy as ever being a fancy schmancy director. Cody's been traveling, and his trave

Seances R Us
May 23, 2022

We have a very special live episode for you recorded for the Arizona Theatre Matters 2022 Festival. In it, we talk all about seances (as if it wasnt obvious from our last minisode). First, Cody talk

Boos and Spirits
May 16, 2022

Boy do we have a minisode for you! First, Cody tells the story of a freaky Ouija board experience that unleashed a famous demonic force known as Zozo. Then, Chris shares an equally freaky story in w

Important Announcement
April 25, 2022

Please check out this important announcement from the hosts of BSP: Believer Skeptic Podcast.

Easter Eggtacular
April 11, 2022

BSP is blooming into Spring with a new Easter episode. First, Cody talks about Passover and a possible explanation for all the plagues that came with it. Then, Chris tells a creepy story where two l

Easter On Ice
March 28, 2022

This miniside is (sorta) all about Easter. Well, half Easter, half you-gotta-wanna-see-it. First, Chris tells the amazing story of Steven Kubacki, who was thought to be dead, only to reappear 15 mont

Eucharistic Miracles
March 21, 2022

In this episode, we talk about crazy miracles surrounding the Catholic Eucharist. First, Cody talks about the Miracle in Santarem, Portugal, where a woman who stole her Communion wafer witnessed it

Patron Saints & Nunsense
March 14, 2022

In this minisode, we get a little holy and talk about saints and nuns. First, Cody plays a guessing game where Chris guesses saints patronages after being told of their lives. Then, Chris tells the t

Phoenix Lights: 25 Years Later
March 07, 2022

In this episode, we discuss a very special, local topic weve been dying to do: The Phoenix Lights, which is celebrating 25 years. First, Cody discusses a conspiracy theory involving flares, balloons,

Parks and Wrecks
February 28, 2022

In this (late) minisode, we have two local stories about aliens and ghosts. First, Chris shares a surprising - and not all that well known - alleged incident that happened at Dreamy Draw Recreational