Brighton Bible Talks

Brighton Bible Talks

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Job’s Debate
December 09, 2018

Job’s friends speak with him and he speaks with God.

The Suffering Servant
December 02, 2018

The Suffering Servant: Parallels Between Jesus, Job and Isaiah

The Trumpet’s Are Blowing
November 25, 2018

Events in the world seem to indicate the imminent return of Jesus, don’t disappoint Him, reaffirm your commitment today.

Being About The Lord’s Business
November 04, 2018

A talk to help us focus our energy more on the things of God and less on our own affairs.

Courage and Humility
October 28, 2018

If God is with you, who can be against you? Have courage in difficult times.

Collective Punishment
October 21, 2018

Is collective punishment a bad thing? Even when God does it? A look at the bigger picture.

I Am The Bread Of Life
October 14, 2018

Drinking the blood and eating the flesh of Jesus Christ so that we might have life, a challenging statement

Listening To Jesus
October 07, 2018

When Jesus gave messages to the early Christian church, we should listen up as well!

Jesus Confronts the Spiritual Leaders of His Day
September 23, 2018

When Jesus speaks, he is direct, straight-forward and almost mocking is his prabolic criticism. Do not think his words were merely for that generation, as usual, we too, have a lot to learn eg. not looking down on others.

Jesus’ Parables and Faith
September 16, 2018

The underlying lesson from these parables and miracles is to have faith. The good seed has to be sown in faith; the storms of life have to be faced with faith; God’s decisions for us have to be accepted in faith. (Luke 8)