Brickhouse NBA Podcast

Brickhouse NBA Podcast

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Brickhouse Ep 220: Grand Finale
January 04, 2019

In a tour de force showing we cover 19 segments for 2019 and examine the phenomenon of the 5-0 Austin Rivers Rockets. We compare the Warriors to The Avengers and Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma to 18th century English royalty lesbians. Old segments are resurrec

Brickhouse Ep 219: Holy Brickmas 2018!
December 21, 2018

The return of the holiday tradition! Questions your local bloggers are too afraid to ask like, "What movie will LeBron take the Lakers to see to teach them what lesson?" And, "Since when did the Elf on the Shelf become a thing?" We introduce our new Serbi

Brickhouse Ep 218: The Dysfunctional Team Updates
December 12, 2018

The worst NBA teams started changing personnel this week and even more are rumored to follow suit. It took less than a week for the Bulls new coach to nearly cause a player walkout. Likewise it was three days before Joel Embiid voiced frustration with his

Brickhouse Ep 217: Happy NBA Hannukah!
December 05, 2018

To celebrate the holiday we discuss our eight biggest stories of the week. Like how Fred Hoiberg may have lost the team. How New Balance lost all their potential NBA endorsers until finally landing Kawhi. We weigh the possibility of John Wall trade rumors

Brickhouse Ep 216: The NBA's Most Disappointing Team Awards
November 30, 2018

The season's already a quarter finished and a few would-be playoff contenders look pretty finished too. The western conference features 14 competitive teams as well as Matt Baker's Phoenix Suns. What's worse? Bad analytics or bad chemistry? Have the Warri

Brickhouse Ep 215: Draymond Green Said What?
November 22, 2018

We always knew the only team that could stop the Warriors was the Warriors. And if any one player would be the one to tear it all down, it was always going to be Draymond Green. As the rumors swirl about what was said on the bench and in the locker room w

Brickhouse Ep 214: Always Sunny Jimmy Butler to Philadelphia
November 13, 2018

Tom Thibodeau finally found a trade for his disgruntled star, Jimmy Butler. If Butler thought Wiggins and Towns were too fragile just wait until he gets a load of Fultz! We examine how the shockwaves of the trade ripple throughout the league. Everyone fro

Brickhouse Ep 213: Good & Bad NBA Marriages
November 03, 2018

Three weeks into the NBA season we've identified the coaches, players and teams that have found the perfect match. There's still more teams throwing dishes and sleeping on the couch. Mike Budenholzer found a newer, younger European partner, while Jimmy Bu

Brickhouse Ep 212: #Spitgate Winners and Losers
October 23, 2018

Well it didn't take long for one of the Lakers "meme team" to get into trouble, did it? Those punches were some of the only defense we've seen played this season! LeBron moved to LA for the entertainment business and his team is already delivering it on t

Brickhouse Ep 211: Overreactions and New Podcast Pitches
October 19, 2018

In the spirit of experimentation and shameless pandering, we attempt to attract new listeners by incorporating relationship advice and dog metaphors into the show. After three nights of games we're ready to fire up our hottest overreactions to what we saw