Breakaway, The Minor Hockey Podcast

Breakaway, The Minor Hockey Podcast

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Episode 155 | Get to Know the 'Accidental Hockey Family'
July 10, 2023

BONUS EPISODE! As first generation Canadians who grew up in households where academics were the first priority, Vinay and Parul Intwala refer to their family as “the Accidental Hockey Family”. This is

Episode 154 | End of Season Wrapup and Upcoming Evaluations
April 25, 2023

In the season's final episode, we look back on the closing weeks on Championships and upcoming Evaluations. Guest Bio: Michael Dundas is the Manager of Hockey Development with the OMHA

Episode 153 | Growing the Game to Benefit the Sport (Glen Andresen)
April 24, 2023

Growing the game of hockey to reach new families will only benefit the sport.Thats the sentiment of hockey bodies around the world. When it was realized that it was no longer automatic that all kids

Episode 152 | Restoring a Healthy Balance in Minor Hockey (Nick Buonocore)
March 10, 2023

Guest Bio: Nick Buonocore is a parent, volunteer coach, and former collegiate athlete with a unique, first-hand perspective on the changing culture of todays youth sports industry. He established The

Episode 151 | Where We're At In The Regular Season (Michael Dundas)
February 23, 2023

Teams are in the thick of Qualifiers for OMHA Championships presented by Egg Farmers of Ontario. Between those new weekends, pilot projects and engaging with our Associatons, parents and players, let'

Episode 150 | Harnessing the Inner Voice of Your Players (Ethan Kross)
February 09, 2023

Why do we talk to ourselves, how can we talk to ourselves better, and how can we use this science to help ourselves, players and teams? Guest Bio: Ethan Kross founded the Emotion and Self Control Labo

Episode 149 | The Three Pillars of a Hockey Factory (Matt Dumochelle)
January 27, 2023

Hockey Factories is a unique look behind the curtain of some of the globes top hockey development programs. The series travels to Minnesota, British Columbia, Germany, Finland and Sweden to see how t

Episode 148 | Ray Ferraro Shares His Coaching Philosophy
January 13, 2023

Ray Ferraro shares his philosophy on player development and how to handle the sometimes-tricky parent-coach relationship. Guest Bio: Ray Ferraro is a former player and current hockey analyst for the N

Episode 147 | Building Resiliency in your Players (Cara Morey)
December 20, 2022

In this special excerpt from The Coaches Site's TCS Live conference, Cara Morey discusses grit, why it matters, and how to develop it in your athletes. Guest Bio: Cara Morey is in her sixth year leadi

Episode 146 | The Evolution of Incorporating Goalies Into Your Practice (Ryan Daniels)
December 01, 2022

The goaltending position has evolved not just positionally but how coaches utilize them in practice and also how the netminders can approach training and preparation. Guest Bio: Ryan Daniels is an OMH