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Perspectives on the USPS rate rollback
March 07, 2016

Postal Rate Rollback March 2016

Boot camp for brand builders
November 11, 2015

Ever heard of the 7 P’s that are part of the preparedness strategy used by the U.S. Marines? It’s all about being ready when the big challenges come your way. Success with any print-based marketing campaign depends on having a detailed map of where you...

Your kind of town for direct mail ROI
October 06, 2015

Chicago is known for its dazzling skyline, delicious deep-dish pizza and world-class sports teams. But there’s another reason for our fame – one you might know about if direct mail is part of your brand’s success. - Our city is a mailing powerhouse,

How hard are ALL your marketing dollars working?
August 24, 2015

Seeing the big picture across all channels of your marketing program is a constant challenge. That’s why we’re intrigued by a new analytical tool we recently previewed with our U.S. Postal Service representative here in Carol Stream. -

Adopting a 3D customer acquisition strategy
July 14, 2015

Do some elements of your brand-building plan belong in a museum? Probably not. But just think: marketers who are still relying heavily on conventional direct mail are following a strategy that showed up before the Civil War. Product coupons?

Leveraging the Best Ideas from the National Postal Forum
June 11, 2015

Back from National Postal Forum 2015 with important news for our direct marketing clients

Multichannel marketing: when you gotta have more cowbell
May 05, 2015

I know you’ve seen that classic Saturday Night Live skit with Christopher Walken as the crazed music producer who just KNOWS his band’s new recording will go platinum if Will Ferrell can give him more cowbell. - Walken is a pretty versatile guy,

Mega-mergers, paper costs and your next print job
April 20, 2015

If your head is spinning as you watch the ongoing parade of mergers in the paper industry, you’re not alone. We’ve been keeping a close eye on things as the marriage of Verso and NewPage hit the headlines — a deal so big it prompted the U.S.

Easing the stress of a new product launch
April 07, 2015

Hey, we all know life can be tough. But if you’re the brand manager responsible for a new consumer product launch this year, you’re really in the hot seat. Packaged goods companies set the threshold for new product success at about $100 million in sale...

Web, sheet-fed or digital? What drives the decision now
March 25, 2015

Clients often come to American Litho for advice on the best way to design and produce a given print project. How exactly do we figure that out? Whether we’re talking about a direct response campaign, a major sales promotion launch or the package for yo...