Braid Mission

Braid Mission

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6/26/16: How to Say a Healthy Goodbye
June 28, 2016

We have much to learn from the story of Elijah's ascent and how he takes a healthy departure from someone he has mentored.

6/19/16: Growth in Good Soil
June 19, 2016

This week we found great relief in hearing Jesus's parable of the sower and being reminded that the good news can only take root on ground that is ready to receive it.

6/12/16: How To Show Great Love
June 13, 2016

Though the woman in this story is unnamed, Jesus lifts her up as an example of the type of love that is born out of our own healing.  More information about the CEB Women's Bible.

6/5/16: Returned to Relationship
June 05, 2016

Having the important relationships in our lives restored and healed might be the greatest miracle we could ask for.

5/29/16: Only Say the Word
May 29, 2016

In work with foster youth, as in most acts of healing and teaching, we may not ever see the miraculous taking place in front of our eyes. But if, like the centurion in this week's story, we believe in the possibility and the authority of healing, we...

5/22/16: Hope Does Not Disappoint
May 22, 2016

  The Apostle Paul believed in a deep hope that transcends what we know in this world, a hope that was held in community. We have found that same hope reflected and shared in our Cards of Hope program to send birthday and holiday cards to youth...

5/15/16: Mutual Adoption
May 15, 2016

We have learned at Braid that "family" is much more than biology, and often the relationships we choose have the most to teach us about what it means to be family.

5/8/16: Invitation to the Fountain
May 07, 2016

How can the church offer a standing invitation to wholeness in a world that tells us we have to ask for help? Read Ethan's post on the Braid blog.

5/1/16: Do You Want To Be Well?
May 02, 2016

How do we answer Jesus's invitation to healing that isdeeperthan all we desire?