Bourbon & Blood

Bourbon & Blood

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Bourbon & Blood #11: FrankenHooker
January 09, 2017

  Danny is joined by the Balls and his better half Anne to watch and dissect horror cult classic FrankenHooker!

Bourbon & Blood #10: Evil Dead (2013)
November 16, 2016

On this episode of Bourbon and Blood Danny is joined by Rabbit (form Larper’s Lounge) as they watch the 2013 remake of Evil Dead while drinking Johnny Smoking Gun from Two James Spirits from Detroit Michigan!

Bourbon & Blood # 9: Salem’s Lot
August 09, 2016

On this episode of Bourbon and Blood Danny is joined by Anne Schuster as they watch Steven King classic: Salem’s Lot.

Bourbon & Blood #8: ALIEN
April 25, 2016

Join Danny and his guest WookieeWill as they discuss Ridley Scott’s 1979 Sci-Fi Classic: ALIEN

Bourbon & Blood #7: My Bloody Valentine
March 30, 2016

Join Danny and his co host Dave (From Larper’s Lounge) as they discuss My Blood Valentine.

Bourbon & Blood #6: Cabin in the Woods
February 04, 2016

Join Danny and guests Katie P and Alex Ball as they drunkenly dissect Cabin in the Woods.

Bourbon & Blood #5: Jack Frost
January 27, 2016

Join Danny and his guest Angelo as they watch and dissect JACK FROST

Bourbon & Blood #4: Maximum Overdrive
December 03, 2015

Join Danny and his guest Angie as they watch Stephen King classic: Maximum Overdrive!

Bourbon & Blood #3: The People Under The Stairs
October 27, 2015

Join Danny and friends on this episode of Bourbon & Blood as they pay tribute to Horror Legend Wes Craven!

Bourbon & Blood #2: Satan’s Triangle
October 05, 2015

Episode 2 of Bourbon & Blood emanates from the Windy City! On this episode, Danny and his guest (Brian Dunham) have some drinks and enter Satan’s Triangle! Find out if they make it out alive!