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October 01, 2016

After over a year of independently producing this podcast, I'm moving on to making "Feeling Some Type of Way." Thank you for everything.

Dominican Drake
September 01, 2016

16-year-old Adriana and her best friend Kyle investigate the conspiracy theory that Canadian singer/rapper Drake is actually Dominican. Subscribe to Adriana and Kyle's new podcast "Feeling Some Type of Way."

What Is Your Name?
August 01, 2016

Your name. The first thing people know about you, but somehow also incredibly personal. On this one year anniversary of Borders Radio, we go back into the archives to hear two older stories and one new story about what happens when our names change-- w...

June 30, 2016

Nick Perritt converted to atheism during his successful Mormon mission trip. This episode is a special collaboration with the ARRVLS podcast ( and was sound designed by Jonathan Hirsch.

Bicycles Get Political
June 01, 2016

For me, riding a bicycle brings back memories of idyllic childhood scenes of parks and sno cones. But for New Yorkers in the 90s and early 2000s, riding a bike became synonymous with radical political action. Bill Dipaolo is one of the founders of Time...

From Prison to Mountain
May 01, 2016

Nicole Martin's life was forever altered when she was convicted as a career offender for a low level nonviolent crime she committed to support her drug habit. But instead of becoming just a victim of the system, Nicole is doing all she can do chan...

Shitty American
April 01, 2016

Marcus considers himself a responsible American traveler-- until a trip to Turkey where he loses his shit.

Two Bens on the Road
March 01, 2016

Ben and Ben are best friends who traveled around the world together. On the last week of their trip, they decide to split up for the first time since they started traveling. This is the story of their week apart and the completely opposite experiences ...

Yazmin and Paco
February 01, 2016

When Yazmin was six years old, she crossed the border from Mexico into Texas with her mom for fear of their lives. Time after time, they wonder if that decision was the right one.

January 01, 2016

Go with Nicole on her journey along the border between the known and the unknown.