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Border Mic Podcast

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Border Mic – Episode 11 – Reagan Had Answer to Border Crisis
April 01, 2019

Ronald Reagan had the answer to the border crisis. It was simple and effective. Today’s podcast explains Reagan’s border vision and why it would immediately solve the border crisis and protect America.

Border Mic – Episode 10 – Going for Drinks Can Make Me Illegal
March 24, 2019

In today’s podcast I share with you how easy it was for me to become an “illegal immigrant” simply for meeting my friends for drinks. No, it has nothing to do with DUI/DWI and everything to do with the complexities of the American immigration system.

Border Mic – Episode 9 – I Still Check My Car Before I Get In It
March 17, 2019

I approach the car looking for things out of place. I look in the wheel wells. I look at the hood and trunk to make sure all is where it should be. Why? Check out today’s podcast to find out.

Border Mic – Episode 8 – I Am a Legal Immigrant and I Fear ICE
March 10, 2019

I am a legal immigrant and I fear ICE. In today’s episode I discuss why abolishing ICE is the wrong debate. Instead, America should return to the three agencies it had before 9/11 – Immigration and Naturalization, Customs and Border Patrol.

Border Mic – Episode 7 – Being Mexican And Crossing the Border
March 03, 2019

Being a Mexican national and crossing the U.S.-México border is not simply having your papers in order. You have to think about being profiled and what steps to take to avoid being delayed at the crossing point because you fit a certain profile.

Border Mic- Episode 6 – You Speak English!
February 24, 2019

You speak English! I will never forget the face my date made as soon as she realized that I was not an American. Worse, I am a Mexican citizen. Check out my latest podcast on the politics of the border. In episode 6 I talk about assimilation from the p...

Border Mic – Episode 5 – Ronald Reagan Wanted Open Borders
February 10, 2019

Donald Trump loves to channel Ronald Reagan as a strong president. The Republicans believe Ronald Reagan was one of the best presidents. Guess what? I think Ronald Reagan was one of the best American presidents. Ronald Reagan wanted open borders.

Border Mic – Episode 4 – Assimilate Into America by Speaking Spanish
February 03, 2019

In episode of number 4 of the Border Mic, I discuss the issue of speaking English in order to assimilate into America. The argument that to be an American you need to speak English misses a fundamental reality.

Border Mic – Episode 3 – I Was Too Mexican for Aceitunas in El Paso
January 27, 2019

Welcome to episode three of the Border Mic. In this episode I share with you the story of when a bar in El Paso, Texas – Aceitunas, would not let me enter with my friends because I was too Mexican. I wasn’t discriminated against because of my brown ski...

Border Mic – Episode Two
January 20, 2019

In episode two of the Border Mic we discuss answering a simple question, will the wall solve the drug crisis in America? It is a simple question that deserves an answer. Listen in for the answer. It might surprise you.