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Dossier #77: Woefully Late Mailbag
December 03, 2022

In October 2021, you sent us your thoughts on No Time To Die. In June 2022, we recorded our responses. Now, in December 2022, we finally share them with you. We're very, very sorry. If you want to ema

Dossier #76: The Sound of 007
October 19, 2022

Alex and James are joined by long-time friend of the show Rick Van Beem to discuss the Sound of 007 concert at the Royal Albert Hall, part of the 60th anniversary celebrations for James Bond's cinemat

Dossier #75: 60 Years, 60 Facts - Part 2
September 15, 2022

Continuing our celebration of James Bond's 60th Anniversary in cinemas, we gather another 20 facts from the history of the franchise and attempt to out-fact each other with the trivia we have uncovere

Dossier #74: Reinventing Bond
August 26, 2022

Earlier this year (actually, the same week we recorded this episode - so sorry for the delay), Bond overseers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson hinted that the next 007 film would be something of

Dossier #73: Goldenera interview
July 23, 2022

Alex and James are joined by Drew Roller, director of Goldenera - a documentary that extensively tells the story of Goldeneye 64. Drew shares with us more about how he become interested in the develop

Dossier #72: No Time To Die
June 05, 2022

Alex and James have had nine months to let the initial impressions of Craig's final 007 outing settle and are now ready to share their full opinions on No Time To Die. We work through the film in our

Dossier #71: 60 Years, 60 Facts - Part I
May 10, 2022

Alex and James are back. In the first of a three-part episode, we'll be celebrating 60 Years of the James Bond with 60 facts - and here's the first 20. Your two hosts have each found 10 pieces of triv

Dossier #70: Bond (And Beyond) Soundtracks
November 22, 2021

Alex and James are joined by composer and friend of the show Richey Rynkowski to discuss the best of Bond soundtracks. We speak to Richey about his experiences as a composer (including some brushes wi

Dossier #69: No Time To Die Mailbag
October 29, 2021

Alex and James read out your thoughts on No Time To Die, Daniel Craig's final and perhaps most divisive outing as 007. If you want to email us, you can do so via. You can find us on Facebook (just se

Dossier #68: No Time To Die - initial report
October 05, 2021

The long wait is finally over. After six years, more than half a decade, 72 full months... you can finally find out what we think of No Time To Die. This is not our full review, which will save for a