The Product Compliance Hour

The Product Compliance Hour

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Bob Pojasek, Center for Corp Performance & Sustainability -007
July 02, 2020

In today’s show, we will be talking with Robert B. Pojasek, Ph.D. of Pojasek & Associates LLC & Harvard University professor. - Bob Pojasek is a sustainability and sustainable development consultant doing business as Pojasek & Associates LLC.

Patrick Ow, Risk Management Guru -006
May 07, 2020

In this challenging time, we all want to save our companies and get back to business as usual. COVID19 will be with us for a while and we need to prepare for a safe return to work. We need to evaluate the risks and plan accordingly. Researching,

Interview with James Kandler -005
December 14, 2019

RoHS Ready was founded by James Kandler. The company provides assistance for product compliance projects with the goal of implementing timely and cost effective product materials compliance projects. Specializing in RoHS and REACH with an ever expandin...

Dianna Collier, Cope Plastics -004
November 22, 2019

Cope Plastics, Inc. was founded by Dwight and Mozelle Cope in St. Louis, Missouri in 1946 in their family home. 73 years later, Cope Plastics, Inc. is the Largest Family/Woman owned Plastic Fabricator/Distributor in the US.

Interview with Greg Hutchins and the World of Risk -003
November 08, 2019

In today’s show, we will be talking with Greg Hutchins, CERM Academy. Greg is the founder of Certified Enterprise Risk Manager®. He was the first person to evangelize the Future of Quality: Risk®. He is also the founder of:; WorkingIt.

Interview with Joerg Walden, CEO of iPoint Systems -002
November 01, 2019

iPoint-Systems was founded in Reutlingen, southwest Germany, in 2001 and is now a leading expert for software solutions and services for product compliance, process compliance, and sustainability. These solutions and services are used to collect,

Protecting Your Company with BlueCircle Advisors -001
October 22, 2019

BlueCircle Advisors LLC is a product compliance training, consulting, and outsourcing firm. We enable your company to meet global product compliance requirements by collecting compliance data from your supply chain,