Blue Tigers Fitted

Blue Tigers Fitted

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Thinking out loud.
November 18, 2019

Here to educate and inform you before the holiday madness begins, the BTF crew returns for another week of debauchery.  Its still fall but the snow is on the ground so that got us thinking out loud.  What's the point of all this stuff at the end of t

Real World Math
November 05, 2019

Another show for the masses, for you to soak up and enjoy. The BTF crew has returned to kick some knowledge your way and be funny while we're doing it! Life told us one thing, then taught us something completely different.  Was it all big one finesse

For your entertainment purposes...
October 28, 2019

The leaves keep falling but the BTF crew remains the same.  We're  back for more revelry this week as we cant help but to put our two cents in on Kanye's whole 'Jesus is King' album. Worth the hype? faking the funk? sanctified hiphop?!

October 14, 2019

Hang 10! Internet, cuz the crew is back with a full set of debauchery.  Back to keep you in stitches the crew returns with the funnies. Its getting cold, leaves changing colors--but that dont mean we have! Crazy funny episode this week from the crew. Abst

Bad Dudes
September 28, 2019

Bad dudes are back as the crew is back for another week of debauchery! Another week of hilarious thought provoking thought conversation you won’t want to miss. Tell a friend to tell a friend! Chea. 

Furious Styles!
September 21, 2019

Back for the week to bring knowledge in the way Furious Styles  would. Full crew back in the building to bring the conversation you love.  Sweetest day, coming up soon --do you even celebrate? Gotta love the small midwestern holidays that nobody even know

Blue Text Bubbles
September 13, 2019

If your texts ain't in blue we don't want it--Internetz! The crew has returned for the week to entertain the masses! Getting older sucks, mostly because of the random old man pains you might find your self having. Sleeping on the couch wrong cou

Back to School
August 30, 2019

Summer is over and its time to send the little ones back to school!  Did you bring the wet wipes internet ? Cuz you might need them. Germs everywhere so try not to get sick, but you wont get sick absorbing this  knowledge as the crew is back to school you

Big Words
August 23, 2019

Back again once again, doing it the #BTF way.  As we only we could and only as we should.... Ever wonder what to do about about a friend who’s always borrowing too much money? Good! Cuz we have just the advice you need to hear listener.  In fact, is it ev

Power Hour
August 16, 2019

Summer break is over and the #BTF Crew is back! I hope you missed us internetz, cuz we missed you. We're back to keep you laughing again as only the crew can! Been a good summer break so we have to catch up with the crew and see whats new on these st