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Burnout 101.6: Highway to Burnout
April 08, 2017

Are you usually in a hurry? What's your usual pace -- at home, at work, on the weekends?  Here's a little secret: the road to burnout is actually a highway. 

Burnout 101.5: Enough is Enough
March 24, 2017

I am, fittingly, writing this from a mini-break in Tofino. Before I left, I was thinking about ENOUGH. Enough and not enough. 

Burnout 101.4: De-motivational Quotes for Perfectionists
March 17, 2017

If you're a perfectionist --- or a recovering perfectionist, like me --- you do NOT need inspirational quotes to get you going. Most days, you need someone to tell you to calm down, slow down, lower your standards, and that everything's gonna be okay.

Burnout 101.3: Perfectionism
March 10, 2017

Perfection is the city in the distance that keeps you running down Burnout Highway. 

Burnout 101.2: The Power of NO
March 02, 2017

A few months ago, I had a decision to make: whether or not to keep leading a group.  I loved the group. I wanted to continue.  But in my gut, continuing felt heavy. 

Burnout 101: It Could Happen to You
February 27, 2017

The first lesson of burnout is: it could happen to you. The second is better news: it doesn't have to. 

be still & let nature refresh you
January 04, 2017

I am drawn to nature’s symmetry, lines and light, curves and shadow, action and stillness, my interaction with her. My first instagram videos show this: a continuous shot of rain dripping on a wood roof, green grass in wind. Boring? To some, sure. T

Unexpected Delays (Island Life: Part 2)
December 05, 2016

We're stuck at the edge, literally the edge, at the BC Ferry terminal in Tsawwassen, waiting. So, I begin to interview other would-be-passengers. It helps that everyone is bored by this point, a few hours into the waiting. So everyone I asked to spe

Missing the Ferry (Island Life: Part 1)
December 05, 2016

Saturday morning, my best buddy Dayna and I left the island by ferry: she to watch the Leafs play Vancouver, I to enjoy the city and see friends. We caught "the 9:00 ferry," which to Victoria-dwellers means the Swartz-Bay-to-Tsawwassen-about-1.5.hour-

November 19, 2016

  “Unemployed” -- what an ugly word; It’s a closing door, a one-winged bird.   I’m stuck, I’m sinking I’m hot with shame. Why can’t I do better?  It’s always the same: