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Black & A Half Podcast Episode #71: Live Podcast Recording at Laughs Comedy Club in Seattle
August 14, 2019

Black & A Half records a live episode at Laughs Comedy Club in Seattle for Episode #71. Guests include actor/comic Samantha Rund, Comedian/Comic Book Writer Thomas Nichols, and special musical guest Champagne Honeybee.

Black & A Half Podcast Episode #70: Charles Hall Jr.
July 24, 2019

We had local rising comedian and actor Charles Hall Jr  on to chat about the new short film G.A. from Black & A Half. They talk about storming area 51, what it’s like being a foodie, and gardening by Silas Lindenstein Our Guest Charles Hall Jr.

Black & A Half Podcast Episode #69: Doin It
July 10, 2019

This week on Seattle’s longest running comedy podcast (probably) – The Women’s World Cup, gardening with Silas, Manny talks about touring Alaska, and the blends introduce their newest segment – Nerd News.

Black & A Half Podcast Episode #68: That One When Silas Is High
June 19, 2019

This episode is recording the day after Silas’ surgery so he is high on viacodin as they talk about firing racist people, why NextDoor is awful, and why Manny thinks people hate him. And Silas is still high.

Black & A Half Podcast Episode #67: Danny Littlejohn
June 12, 2019

Manny and Silas sit down with Native American comedian Danny LittleJohn to talk about the Karate Kid, cultural appropriation, and Danny’s story of growing up learning about his native heritage. Also, Black & A Half is making a short film this summer.

Black & A Half Podcast Episode #66: The Callback Episode
May 29, 2019

Manny and Silas name Seattle’s top ten comics. Also, they discuss Black time travel, gardening with Silas, declassified UFO sightings, and their recent experience auditioning for Stand Up NBC.

Black & A Half Podcast Episode #65: Game of Thrones Post Mortem
May 22, 2019

This special Episode is dedicated to discussing the recently finished TV series – Game of Thrones. Silas sat down with two super fans of the show, comedian Joseph Grienauer and social media expert Aaron Krupp. This is chalk full of spoilers,

Black & A Half Podcast Episode #64: Growing Up
May 15, 2019

Manny and Silas Discuss their trials and tribulation of growing up, Silas becomes a farmer, and what retirement looks like. This episode was recorded on Silas’ favorite day of the year, May the 4th. But the force wasn’t that strong with them.

Black & A Half Podcast Episode #63: Chris Mejia
May 08, 2019

Seattle based comic Chris Mejia stops by to chat with Manny and Silas about how ethnically ambiguous he really is, why he’s Philadelphia Eagles fan, and to give Silas some parenting advice (despite not being a parent himself). We share lots of laughs,

Black & A Half Podcast – Episode 62: Quinton Jones
May 01, 2019

Up and coming comic Quinton Jones joins the show to Blerd out with Manny & Silas. They had him on for a review show recently and wanted him back to hang out for an hour of laughter. They talk about the science of spoilers, nerd culture, comedy,