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267: Dimensional Strike
January 23, 2022

With the Global Game Jam theme for 2022 releasing early this year, Ben and Trev utilise the theme in all their game designs for this episode. Protecting a space station with the power of tennis A 2d Character investigating the "erasure" of objects in thei

266: Touching Rainbows
January 16, 2022

Ben and Trevor continue to come up with new improvised game designs, such as: An adventure game investigating STEMM A game that delves into what happens when two rainbows touch An adventure exploring dreams and deleting memories A surprise Batman game out

265: Dread Hog
January 09, 2022

Trevor and Ben head back into Click Pitch territory this week, improvising game designs from random words, while also throwing in some reviews of games they've been playing lately, such as: Jackie Chan's Motocross Hunt; 3D Fire Runner; Mickey's Chicken Op

264: GOTY 2021
January 02, 2022

In a break from the typical game news and reviews, Ben and Trevor give their top 10 games from 2021, as well as the honourable mentions. **There will definitely be some spoiler discussions for some of the games, but, as per usual, they give plenty of war

263: Weird Elf Physics
December 26, 2021

In this holiday spooktacular, Ben and Trevor deck the halls with holiday themes as they invent new improvised game designs, such as: a Sea of Thieves inspired game where you compete against sleighs of elves to deliver the most gifts each night; experienci

262: Batvark
December 19, 2021

In this weeks Click Pitch Garage, Ben and Trevor delve into the world of stream integration. A collectathon starring young aardvark working for the Sloth mafia with powerups selected by viewers. Escape from the dome using monsters made from viewer selecte

261: Nonviolent John Wick
December 12, 2021

Continuing the Click Pitch Garage series, Ben and Trevor add combo meters into all their pitches this week, resulting in game designs such as: a portable toilet management simulator; a reporter for a National Inquirer style tabloid searches for stories; a

260: Milk Loaders
December 05, 2021

Ben and Trevor continue with their new segment Click Pitch Garage, this week focusing on Tech Trees. Game ideas include; Santa vs Krampus: the epic battle between the mortal foes Try to relieve stress while landscaping and building the perfect shed The se

259: Grapple-Dank
November 28, 2021

Introducing a new game this week, Click Pitch Garage, Ben and Trevor explore a variety of game ideas all sharing the same mechanic: the humble grappling hook. From this they invent games such as: a horrifying VR descent into an unexplored cave; the camera

258: Girlfriend Garage
November 21, 2021

The random word gods keeps bringing us great game ideas such as: A multiplayer city builder / exploration game within a futuristic setting with conflicting gameplay An investigative game with fantastic arm physics A redemption story with Stanley Parable-