Bitcoin Basics

Bitcoin Basics

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Nicki & James: El Salvador | Bitcoin Basics (167)
June 28, 2022

Nicki & James join us to talk about Bitcoin (Lightning) in El Salvador, why the move from NZ, experiences on the frontier, reality of Bitcoin adoption, poisonous critters, Bitcoin education, costs, ta

Lord Fusitu’a: Bitcoin in Tonga | Bitcoin Basics (166)
June 17, 2022

Lord Fusitu'a joins us to talk about Bitcoin (and Lightning) in Tonga & his personal journey down the rabbit hole including: remittances; legal tender; bitcoin geothermal mining; dying 3 times; Tonga'

Buying bitcoin privately? | Bitcoin Basics (165)
May 25, 2022

What's the safest & most secure way to buy bitcoin btc privately? What payment methods do we recommend? How about KYC & OpSec best practices?

Bitcoin private key management | Bitcoin Basics (164)
May 05, 2022

How does a bitcoin hardware wallet work behind the scenes? What is bitcoin private key management? What are the InfoSec (cybersecurity) & OpSec (privacy) best practices?

Bitcoin privacy: VPN vs TOR | Bitcoin Basics (163)
April 05, 2022

What is a VPN? Why should or shouldn't you use one? What is TOR? If you have bitcoin, should you use a VPN or TOR or both? Can you self-host?

Bitcoin, tax & investing | Bitcoin Basics (162)
March 29, 2022

To HODL #bitcoin is great but how to get #yield? How safe is exchange/third-party staking? #Tax? Can btc be used for collateral to buy other assets? What about plausible deniability for custody of my

Andrew Howard: financial & individual freedom | Bitcoin Basics (161)
March 26, 2022

Andrew Howard joins us again to go beyond the financial freedom of bitcoin btc to achieving individual freedom in today's world.

Govt telling you to buy bitcoin? | Bitcoin Basics (160)
March 04, 2022

With frozen bank accounts, confiscated funding campaigns, impending hyperinflation via CBDCs & requests to Bitcoin wallet providers, governments are highlighting problems with their own fiat currencie

What is Bitcoin hashrate? | Bitcoin Basics (159)
February 24, 2022

What is hashrate? How about proof work? Why is it so important to the Bitcoin network? We discuss the basics of bitcoin btc mining

Bitcoin & Markets: 18 Feb 2022 | Bitcoin Basics (158)
February 17, 2022

Bitcoin & Markets update for 18 Feb, 2022. Canadian bank accounts frozen & a digital run on the banks? Creation of a cryptocurrency unit in the FBI? Everything is bullish!