The Birth Ease Podcast

The Birth Ease Podcast

045 Who Knew? The Connection Between Our Voice and Pelvic Floor with Susan Clinton

July 08, 2020

Listen in as physical therapist, Susan Clinton, and Michelle discuss the profound connection between our pelvic floor and our voice. Susan explains how our pelvic floor functions, ways to become more aware of our pelvic floor muscles, and what a ‘kegel’ exercise or pelvic floor lift is and isn’t. (So many women are taught to do this exercise incorrectly.)  And, no, leaking urine is not just a normal part of pregnancy and birth!

"A lot of mothers will come in and see me as a PT and say, "You know, I've been doing my pelvic floor exercises or kegels for a long time, and it's not helping." And sure enough they can actually lift their pelvic floor very nicely. But I notice that when they cough, that pelvic floor muscle isn't responding and coming up, or [if] they sneeze. You know, so it's not working when they need it. They can make it work, but what we want to do is make it work when we need it.... We've got [to have] that pelvic floor coming up and reacting so that we don't leak [urine]."—Susan Clinton

About Susan C. Clinton PT, DScPT, OCS, WCS, FAAOMPT, WHNC:

Susan is an award winning Physical Therapist in professional achievement and co-owner of Embody Physiotherapy and Wellness. She is an international instructor of post-professional education in women’s health (including GI issues in Women), orthopedic manual therapy and business psychology. She is on Faculty at Andrews University in the Doctor of Science in PT program.  She serves as a Master Coach for the Integrative Women’s Health Institute and is an active professional/clinical mentor.  She is the co-founder and board member for the Global Women’s Health Initiative (GWHI) and is the Co-host of the podcast, “Tough to Treat” guide to treating complex patients and “The Genius Project” bridging pain science to clinical practice.

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