The Birth Ease Podcast

The Birth Ease Podcast

042 Can You Relate? with Beatriz Rodrigues

June 17, 2020

Listen in as Michelle and Beatriz Rodriquez discuss her birth experience and motherhood as an Afro-Latino woman. Together they discuss myths black mothers face, systemic racism, parenting multiracial daughters, working on our own biases, and the importance of compassionate listening.

“Everyone’s  experience as a black  woman is very different. But there are a few things that I feel that all black women, right now in this moment, feel and are in solidarity, especially when it comes to being mothers. One of things that I can say is that a lot of us, no matter how used to we are of being through trials and tribulations, I would say, ‘We’re scared and we’re disappointed. And, we wonder what the future holds for our children.’”—Beatriz Rodrigues


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