The Birth Ease Podcast

The Birth Ease Podcast

030 Inner Sanctuary Guided Relaxation For Expecting Parents

March 25, 2020

In these uncertain times that we are facing in this pandemic of the COVID-19, it is even more valuable to elicit the relaxation response and deepen the bonds of connection with our children and those we love. This episode includes an adapted version of Michelle's foundational Birth Ease relaxation session which assists parents in creating an Inner Sanctuary for themselves and their baby. If parents counteract the effects of stress by utilizing the relaxation response daily, their babies receive the benefit as well; especially babies in the womb.  Pre & perinatal psychologists recommend connecting and bonding with your baby while in the womb as a vital way to help protect babies from stress and the rigors of birth.

The relaxation response is essentially the opposite reaction to the “fight or flight” response. It is a physical state of deep relaxation which engages the other part of your nervous system—the parasympathetic nervous system. Once engaged, it turns off the fight or flight response and brings the body back to pre-stress levels counteracting the physiological effects of stress and the fight or flight response. Episode 03 of this podcast lists ways to help reduce the impacts of stress and also contains a guided relaxation session for parents of all ages to help elicit the relaxation response and strengthen the parent-child bond.

"Finding ways to elicit the relaxation response is something everyone can use right now and the beneficial effects will trickle down to our children. We can be more present for them when we take time to get out of flight, fight, or freeze." —Michelle Smith

As a gentle reminder: This guided relaxation recording audio is for just that, relaxation purposes only. It does not constitute medical or mental health advice or treatment, nor does it imply a specific outcome during pregnancy, birth, postpartum, or beyond. Please avoid listening to this guided relaxation while engaging in an activity that requires your full attention. Please stop the podcast and return to it when you can be safely seated or reclining in a supported position. Unless you are the passenger listening to this guided relaxation with headphones on, for everyone’s safety never listen to it while driving or riding in a vehicle.


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