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The Birth Ease Podcast

021 Creating a Positive State of Mind During Pregnancy with Dr. Ankita Marjadi

January 22, 2020

We all need a guide to help us stay in a more positive and peaceful space for ourselves and our babies. Dr. Ankita Marjadi’s book, "Knock, Knock, Let's Talk" is just that. This beautiful resource is for all expecting mothers. It is designed to reduce the fear and anxiety a mother may be experiencing during her pregnancy and to enhance bonding with the baby in her womb. It acts as an uplifting guide for mom during each week of her pregnancy and provides a passage to be read to the baby that teaches a virtue such as kindness, happiness and honesty.  It also includes a space for journaling and sharing a mother’s own thoughts and dreams with her baby. In this episode, Dr. Marjadi graciously shares with Michelle how the book was born during her second pregnancy as she searched for a way to lessen the fear and stress that threatened to consume her after losing her first child to a stillbirth. This sweet book, which can be used at any time to receive a dose of motivation and positivity, is the achievement closest to her heart.

"Babies are very, very conscious. They're having an environment in the womb. They can feel what you are giving emotionally. And they are learning and listening to everything that you have to offer. So if you are saying and if you are talking to your baby something positive, it has a very beautiful positive reaction unto the baby because the baby feels wanted. The baby feels loved with the words you are sharing." —Dr. Ankita Marjadi


About Dr.Ankita Sapan Marjadi

Dr. Marjadi is a psychotherapist, homeopath, and the co- founder of Arogyada Online Homeopathy Clinic. She is also an entrepreneur, blogger, social activist and a doting mother of two beautiful girls. She is a popular name amongst bloggers wherein she blogs about health, relationships, life and its mysteries, and happiness. She has been the pioneer of 'Need to Talk Initiative', 'Starting a Smile Mile, Will You Join Me?' and  'I Choose to Happy and Healthy through Homeopathy'. She is an eminent speaker on topics such as positive parenting, how to cope up with stress, health and hygiene for kids, menstrual hygiene, good touch bad touch for children, how to keep our mental health good, and life after 40 for women.  Dr. Marjadi is the author of the book, “ Knock Knock Let's Talk”  which is on positive thinking during pregnancy which has been the achievement which is very close to her heart.

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