The Birth Ease Podcast

The Birth Ease Podcast

019 Understanding Learning & Processing Styles During Labor

January 08, 2020

Listen in as Michelle shares with birth partners how an understanding of the learning styles Visual, Auditory, Tactile-Kinesthetic,and Olfactory-Gustatory  can help them to better provide comfort measures and support their partner during labor and birth. The beauty of this is that the expecting mom and her birth partner can explore what both their learning and processing styles are before labor begins and consider what she thinks would be the most helpful to her at the time of birth. If the mom’s strongest learning style is the birth partner’s weakest, he or she can begin to think of ways to support her that may not naturally occur to them. This basic understanding of learning and processing styles can explain why a laboring mom is so sensitive to certain things in labor such as the feel of monitors on her skin, the sound of the voices at the nurses station, or the smell of that hamburger someone ate for lunch. These suggestions for comfort measures during labor and birth are helpful no matter a birthing mom’s predominant learning and processing style.



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