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Bird Road Podcast - All Points West

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The Best Television of the 2010s
December 10, 2019

You know what you come to Bird Road for: informed criticism of television as an art form, of course.  In this supersized Bird Road/Piecing It Together mega-episode, Q and Jewish Dave share their favorite television from the past 9 years and 11 months.

Remembering Alejandra Agredo with Miami Riders Alliance’s Kevin Amézaga
December 06, 2019

Alejandra Agredo was only 17 but she had already accomplished an incredible amount. As the cofounder of Miami Riders Alliance and a tireless advocate for public transportation in Miami, she had developed an open source software solution devised to opti...

Moon Moony Doogy Doggy Modie Mondy Dandyie Dogggyie Doge
August 29, 2019

We wasted most of this episode doing a Do I Have. Jewish Dave loved the soundtrack album for Perpetual Grace, LTD by the Jones Sisters. Q hated the way that Beach Bum made him feel. So a good day, all in all.  Music in this episode is by David Rosen. 

EMERGENCY EPISODE: Epstein is DEAD, ya’ll (Heaven Gained An Angel)
August 20, 2019

We celebrate the tragic suicide murder loss of serial rapist and pederast Jeffrey Epstein. We kept this episode pretty short and didn’t really talk about much news or politics. 

Tarantino mostly just famous for his last name
August 07, 2019

We went super long on the triumph that was Quentin Tarantino’s buddy comedy Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood and hit all the cute little dumbass cultural conversations that orbit it. It’s kinda fanboy-ish type stuff so skip this one if you want.

Welcome to the Kamala Games, May the Means Forever Test in Your Favor
July 30, 2019

This week we break down Kamala Harris’ proposal to forgive (some) student loan debt to approximately 15 people starting ridesharing businesses in the Tenderloin.  We also definitely do not disparage the venerable Alan Dershowitz (***parody***parody***)...

#RickyRenuncia -> #RickyRenuncio, the Puerto Rico episode, feat. Carlito Brigante
July 25, 2019

We get an update from our intrepid Puerto Rico correspondent Carlito Brigante on the streets of Old San Juan on the night that Gov. Ricardo Rosselló resigned his post. Very insightful stuff from a subject matter expert.

On the eternal, unyielding embarrassment of being a Democrat
July 17, 2019

RIP in peace to Rip Torn, the god.  Being a Democrat means grinning and gritting while everyone in your party trips over their dicks at every possible opportunity. It means being aligned with an intensely weak power structure that cowers at the idea of...

Introducing Our Next Chapter: The Girls/Guns/Tats/Rides Grift
July 09, 2019

You can catch us on the ‘gram, doing grams, eating Teddy Grahams, wake boarding and getting ink. Welcome to the New Bird Road. We check in on some of our new idols in the realm of dude-bro self help scams, the saddest section of self help scams.

Miami’s Getting Drilled (And Not in the Fun Way, Ya’ll) feat. Amy Westervelt
July 03, 2019

We talked with Amy Westervelt, the host of smash hit podcast Drilled, about climate liability suits, denialism, what puts Miami in unique peril and all things environment. She was in town recording the Season 3 opener of Drilled,