Bipolar Excellence

Bipolar Excellence

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EPI-84: After Your Bipolar Disorder
September 03, 2023

After bipolar disorder? Yes. There can be an after. Some learn to manage or eradicate it. I eradicated it. Troy Steven shows how he manages it in his latest book "After Your Bipolar Disorder". Troy is

EPI-83: If I Don’t Pick Something Up And Put It Down, Soon…
August 27, 2023

Without the gym, I start feeling very bad. In all ways. About all things. So, on a personal level, I simply need to be regularly training. But to also succeed as a businessperson, I HAVE TO be in the

EPI-82: Gird Your Loins
August 20, 2023

Gird your loins. Protect your psyche's delicate parts. Because there's always hard shit. And there's always gonna be hard shit. How you react, or better yet, how you develop proactively to deal with t

EPI-81: Eccentricity: Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner
August 13, 2023

This is for you way outside the box types who may have yet to begin. - You are meant to let your freak flag fly! - Dont hide what sets you apart from the rest of the world. - Because your very diff

EPI-80: Thank God For Perfection!
August 06, 2023

Perfection is a myth that keeps you from attaining greatness. You strive for it but accept whatever comes from that effort. Improve when and where you can. And give yourself grace by not punishing you

EPI 79: Conversations With Coaches Podcast
July 30, 2023

A couple months back, I had a great interview with Kevin Stafford on the "Conversations with Coaches podcast. - I'd had ample sleep, prior to our talk, which had me in a lively state. And Kevin was p

EPI 78: The Fixer
July 23, 2023

I used to be called "The Fixer" while working with a fantastically deranged, evil and completely delightful lunatic of a dream builder. He used me to calm those who got overly emotional by something w

EPI 77: Makin’ Metaphysical Lemonade
July 16, 2023

For many years now, I've struggled with the presence of the word "bipolar" in my brand. This was because it's critical to all I offer yet not the actual thing I offer service for anymore. And past exp

EPI 76: Wouldja Just Take It Easy?
July 09, 2023

One must understand and use wisely, one's available energy reserves, based on how much there is to give in any one area, and still do an effective job. Or better, yet, to still live a fulfilling life.

EPI-75: Ya Load 16 Tons And Whattaya Get?
July 02, 2023

16 tons of coal a day. Tennessee Ernie Ford clearly defined why having a job sucks. You need to dream bigger and believe in yourself more. Having said that, am I implying that running your own busines