Bipolar Excellence

Bipolar Excellence

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EPI-55: Know Yourself: Stay Small To Go Big!
January 29, 2023

Get clear on your back story. This little item opens big worlds!

EPI-54: Your Value Is NOT In What You DO!
January 23, 2023

Knowing who you really are becomes the perfect career path

EPI-53: Mania, Yearning, Desperation, Dreaming: When To Say When On A Project
January 16, 2023

Comes a time when you have to reiterate. But it's like murdering your own children. Easier said than done.

EPI-52: Sometimes “Committed” Is A Good Word!
January 08, 2023

Bipolar or not, the only way out is through. Commit to your plan. You ready?

EPI-51: LinkedIn Much? (Know Where Your People Are)
January 02, 2023

I'm seeking serious players, i.e, LinkedIn. Where are your people hanging?

EPI-50: Bipolar Dreamer: I Believe In You!
December 25, 2022

You're bipolar-prone with a great idea. I want to hear it!

EPI-49: Bipolar People: Are You A DaVinci?
December 18, 2022

Years ago, I found the book "The Davinci Method". It's not about bipolar people but some of us are in it!

EPI-48: Bipolar And Death (Goodbye Dad)
December 11, 2022

I wondered if my Dad's death and the work that followed would sink my little wellness boat. Glad to say it did not!

EPI-47: Bipolar Prison Advocate Noelle Pollet
December 03, 2022

Noelle Pollet was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at a very tender age. Many more labels followed. She uses what she's learned from it all to bring peace to prisoners.

EPI-46: Bipolar Author & Aerospace Engineer Troy Steven: Breaking Bipolar
June 15, 2022

Bipolar often snacks on the more intelligent among us. Troy Steven wrote "Breaking Bipolar" to outline his illness and how he controls it.