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Episode 73 - The Devil's In The (Chart) Details
May 17, 2019

Some of this week’s topics include: A live taste test of the new punk water sensation, The problem with single use tents at music festivals, The requirements to become Jered Threaten’s new guitarist, Possibly the strangest tour announcement of the...

Episode 72 - The Price Of Fame
May 09, 2019

Some of the topics this week include: A unique rock star mishap, Justice being served for a shady band accountant, Top funeral songs, The REAL health risk at festivals this season, Lil’ Nas X getting on the bad side of a certain country artist, How...

Episode 71 - The Need For Genres
May 03, 2019

Some of the topics this week are: A poll on who should (or could) replace Justin Timberlake in NSYNC, Marylin Manson’s b-day gift for MGK, R. Kelly coming up with some “creative” new excuses for his legal problems, Keith Urban shedding some...

Episode 70 - Victim Mentality
April 26, 2019

Some of the topics this week include: A very bad opinion (as far a Bill is concerned) about N’ Sync, Montreal declaring itself a very good city for heavy metal, A possibly change in the tastes of festival goers, Yet another example of artists just...

Episode 69 - Sound Pollution
April 19, 2019

This weeks topics include: A closer look at the new numbers coming out of streaming Old Town Road making it’s way to the top of the charts A surprising new hologram tour Princess estate bringing the hammer down on a very unfortunate engineer...

Episode 68 - Same Band, Different Name
April 09, 2019

Some of the topics this week include: Tom Petty’s estate, and the dirty legal battle that’s now ensuing, A look at some of the merch available by Ariana Grande, Chris and I taking a look at some of the most streamed songs on Spotify, The original...

Episode 67 - Straight Outta Bombay
April 03, 2019

Some of this topics this week include: The not-so-surprising problem with selling Neverland Ranch, BTS keeping it Korean, The HIp Hop scene coming out of India, Some controversy in the Country music charts, KFC trying to win over the EDM crowd,...

Episode 66 - Beggars AND Choosers Part 2
March 30, 2019

Some of the topics this week are: Macy Gray and the legal battle that ensued from her new tour, Robbie Williams re-igniting his feud with one of the Gallagher brothers, The city of Philadelphia honoring Meek Mill with his own official weekend,...

Episode 65 - Beggars AND Choosers
March 19, 2019

Some of the topics this week include: One of my predictions for Tomorrowland WInter coming true, Aaron Lewis making himself another very strong case for Rezzie of the year, A local Chicago artist proving age is just a number when it comes to music,...