Big Fat Positive: A Pregnancy and Parenting Journey

Big Fat Positive: A Pregnancy and Parenting Journey

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Ep. 185: Sex After Kids. How Much is Normal?
January 17, 2022

Shanna and Laura answer more listener questions in part two of “Checkin’ the Inbox,” diving into the topics of trying to conceive, sex after kids, handling meltdowns and more! Also, Laura reports on some big verbal- and motor-skill developments in her 10-

Ep. 184: Out of the Crib and Into the Toddler Bed
January 10, 2022

In the special segment “Checkin’ the Inbox,” Laura and Shanna answer listener questions about everything from babies’ first words to toddler nursing, to handling comparisons to your kids and more! Also, Shanna reports on her daughter’s third birthday cele

Ep. 183: 2021 Wrap Up - Our Biggest Challenges, Laughs and Surprises
January 03, 2022

2021 has come to an end, and Shanna and Laura reflect on the last 12 months. They keep it real as they look back on 2021, from the biggest laughs, to the deepest challenges, to their hopes for the new year, to their favorite podcasts. Also, Laura reports

Ep. 182: Talking to Kids About Death
December 27, 2021

In the segment “Mom Confessions,” Laura and Shanna divulge some of their deepest, darkest, most hilarious mom secrets, as they dive into the topics of hiding from toddlers, feeding kids inappropriate things and more! Also, Shanna talks about the death of

Ep. 181: Good Advice About Toddler Tantrums
December 20, 2021

Laura reports on her nine-month-old’s strong will and independence, and Shanna discusses some good advice she came across about how to handle her two-year-old’s tantrums. Also, in the special segment “Loose Ends,” Shanna and Laura provide updates on past

Ep. 180: Mom Hacks for Meal Time, Hand Washing and More!
December 13, 2021

In the segment “What the Hack?” Shanna and Laura share more of their favorite mom hacks, including a brilliant tip for getting toddlers to thoroughly wash their hands, the best DIY ice pack, tricks for making mealtime easier and more! Also, Shanna talks a

Ep. 179: Toddler Temptations
December 06, 2021

In the segment “Gripe Water,” Laura and Shanna vent about the ridiculously annoying things they’ve come across lately, including ill-placed ice cream treats and toys, pointless parts of kids’ books and more! Also, Shanna reports on her two-year-old’s upco

Ep. 178: Weird Things Toddlers Love
November 29, 2021

In the special segment “Internet Insanity,” Shanna and Laura share some wild and wacky things they’ve found online recently, including rare kids’ snacks, nightmare children’s toys, weird things toddlers love and more! Also, Shanna reports on her two-year-

Ep. 177: Should I Reward My Kids for Good Behavior?
November 22, 2021

Laura applied to be a breast-milk donor for the University of California Health Milk Bank, and her two-year-old has a newfound love for getting his groove on. Shanna tries a new method for getting her kids to cooperate. Also, in the special segment, “Thro

Ep. 176: Two Trips to Urgent Care
November 15, 2021

Shanna and Laura both end up in urgent care this week, for very different reasons. Also, in the special segment, “Throwback,” Laura tells a story from her childhood about the one and only time she hit her older brother. Finally they share their BFPs and B