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Steve March-Torme - I Remember Christmas Time
December 18, 2021

This episode of Big Blend Radio features vocalist, composer, and musician Steve March-Torme. The son of legendary singer-songwriter Mel Torme and the stepson of well-known actor/comedian Hal March, St

Hilarie Larson and John Fiddler - Exploring Liverpool to a Mersey Beat
December 15, 2021

Liverpool - the name conjures images of a bustling port city, a place where, for some, dreams began as they sailed for newer worlds. It's the home of the proud and friendly "Scouser" with a soundtrack

Innkeeper Insider: Steve and Karen Wilson - The Lion and The Rose
December 02, 2021

Have you ever thought of being an innkeeper? Well, you’re not alone. The world of innkeeping is seeing an upsurge of new owners and innkeepers, often couples or families who have left the corporate gr

Yardbirds Drum Legend Jim McCarty
November 28, 2021

This episode of Big Blend Radio features Jim McCarty, the original drummer in the legendary Yardbirds, a musical force of nature since the halcyon days of the 1960s and still active today with Jim as

Jimmy Carter and Ron Pullman - Blind Faith Album
November 21, 2021

This episode of Big Blend Radio features Jimmy Carter, Co-Founding Member of The Blind Boys of Alabama, and songwriter and guitarist Ron Pullman. Jimmy Carter, the last original member of The Blind

Read Island - Children's Book Author Nicole Magistro
November 06, 2021

Calling all explorers! If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? This episode of Big Blend Radio features author Nicole Magistro who discusses her debut children's book, READ ISLAND.

Author Tessa Bridal - The Dark Side of Memory
October 25, 2021

This episode of Big Blend Radio features award-winning author Tessa Bridal, who discusses her latest book, "The Dark Side of Memory: Uruguay’s Disappeared Children and the Families That Never Stopped

Celebrating the Life and Music of Jimmy Yessian
October 22, 2021

This special episode of Big Blend Radio honors the life and music of acclaimed singer-songwriter and musician Jimmy "Muffin" Yessian. Featured guests include friends and musicians Jeff Kossack, Marty

Microbial Mystery Author Dr Millicent Eidson
September 23, 2021

This episode of Big Blend Radio's 4th Wednesday "Tucson Sisters in Crime" Show features Dr. Millicent Eidson, author of an alphabetical microbial mystery series. In the first novel “Anthracis,” the

Starlite Campbell Band with travel writer Hilarie Larson
September 20, 2021

On this episode of Big Blend Radio, it's all about Music and Memories in Manchester, England with travel/wine writer Hilarie Larson and Suzy & Simon founders of the Starlite Campbell Band. Renowned