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INTERVIEW: Dr. Al Reichman
March 11, 2023

Patrick sits down with Dr. Reichman and talks about Judaism throughout the Bible. Dr. Reichman is Jewish by birth and comes from a long line of orthodox rabbis. He started Athavath Messiah Ministries to reach jews with the gospel. They discuss the differe

2/19/2023 Arranged Marriage
March 09, 2023

Patrick Hayes and Scott Link talk about how to find a suitable spouse for your children. We also get into arranged marriages.

2/5/2023 Civil Disobedience
February 09, 2023

I am a Christian and I am an American. So when am I suposed to obey the government and when should I disobey? Always or never? What happens if I always obey the government? Does everyone in the Bible always obey the government?

1/22/2023 Crazy Beliefs
January 24, 2023

Elijah Gilmore & Patrick Hayes discuss Patrick's crazy beliefs. Elijah gets to ask the questions and Patrick explains why he does certain things. We discuss Christmas, Christmas Trees, & Easter. We discuss the Sabbath Day, the Holy Days and a Mez

1/8/2023 The Resurrection and the Rapture Part 2
January 20, 2023

Zach King and Patrick Hayes talk about the Resurrection for the 2nd time in this episode that gets into the Rapture, the glorified body of Jesus, and what we will be like in Heaven.

1/15/2023 Why Go To Church?
January 19, 2023

Patrick & his wife JoAnna discuss a common problem today with American Christians. They don't want to go to church.

1/1/2022 Common Mistakes Christians Make Part 2
January 01, 2023

This is the 2nd part in a series. Patrick explains how to become a better Christian. What you need to do and why it's important.

12/23/2022 Hanukkah
December 30, 2022

Pastor Patrick Hayes tells a brief history of Hanukkah. At the end he throws a fit like a small child about the lessons we need to learn from this beautiful story.

12/16/2022 Obadiah Part 3
December 30, 2022

Pastor Patrick Hayes teaches the book of Obadiah verse by verse.

12/9/2022 Obadiah Part 2
December 30, 2022

Pastor Patrick Hayes teaches the book of Obadiah verse by verse.