Beyond the Branding- Interviews with Influencers

Beyond the Branding- Interviews with Influencers

Episode 9: The Epic Rise of @SereinWu...The Influencer Who Does Everything! #BeyondtheBranding

November 14, 2017


I guarantee you that if you spend much time in the YouTube/ Instagram world, you've seen today's guest pop up all over the place. Between the constant stream of brand partnerships, podcasts, YouTube videos, Instagram content, blog posts, you name it that this girl churns out, I am forever amazed at how she manages to do literally ALL OF IT.

Serein has been a close friend ever since my "baby" days of working in PR, in fact...She was one of the first influencers I ever worked with in a professional capacity! I'll never forget (and stop being thankful for) the time she showed up to my PR event in a literal torrential downpour a few years ago. Even though it was a literal hurricane outside, Serein showed up and with a huge smile on her face...ready to learn about the products I was repping!

Serein Wu is a giant in the beauty community. She's well known and well respected, having worked with a range of brand partners (most notably? A role in Ipsy's recent Halloween video!!) in the industry. She and her photographer/ music buff husband don't know the meaning of the word "rest" or "relax," constantly hustling for the next big opportunity.

I LOVED sitting her down and getting to chat about all things influencer strategy, and hearing what her plans are for the future. Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine, this one is a doozy!