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Beyond Ordinary Women Podcast

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God Knows Best: Moses & Leadership Lessons 2 with Jodie Niznik
April 12, 2022

Jodie Niznik, author of Choose: A Study of Moses for a Life that Matters, shares insights about how Moses learned that God knows best--even when we don't think so. You can watch the video if you prefe

God’s Call: Moses & Leadership Lessons 1 with Jodie Niznik
April 06, 2022

Jodie Niznik, author of Choose: A Study of Moses for a Life that Matters, considers what we learn from Moses about discerning God’s calling. This episode is also on video. - Continue with the second c

Practicing Lament with Nika Spaulding
March 24, 2022

This second episode in a two-part series on lament features Nika Spaulding who discusses how to practice lament and how it feeds the soul. The video can be viewed here.  For even more information, see

Understanding Lament with Nika Spaulding
March 09, 2022

In this time when war is being raged to deprive a nation of people of their freedom and democracy, we as followers of Christ need to lament by relating to God in grief, loss and pain. The Bible is ful

Bible Teachers, Protect Your Kids’ Privacy with Sharifa Stevens & Kelley Mathews
March 02, 2022

If you teach the Bible and have children, this topic is a must to consider. Sharifa Stevens and Kelly Mathews, BOW team members, share their personal decision-making processes in determining what and

Leader Tip: Remember Who You Are with Dr. Michelle Pokorny
February 15, 2022

Dr. Michelle Pokorny answers the question “What’s something you’ve learned about leadership that you’d like to pass on?” in this short leader tip available below or to watch on video. BOW provides a n

Finding a Mentor 3: Decide How to Proceed with Dr. Joye Baker
February 01, 2022

In this final podcast/video in the series, Dr. Joye Baker discusses several ways the relationship can work. This episode builds on the previous episodes, "Identify Your Goals" and "Seek the Right Fit.

Finding a Mentor 2: Seek the Right Fit with Dr. Joye Baker
January 19, 2022

In this second part of BOW's video and podcast series designed to help you find a mentor, Dr. Joye Baker discusses the importance of looking for the right woman and how to best go about it. It builds

Finding a Mentor 1: Identify Your Goals with Dr. Joye Baker
January 06, 2022

Would you like to have a Christian mentor? A woman with more experience to talk to about life, leadership or the Lord? Dr. Joye Baker of Dallas Seminary joins Kay Daigle in this three-part series to h

Leader Tip: Expect the Women Police with Dr. Jackie Roese
December 15, 2021

Dr. Jackie Roese, Founder of The Marcella Project, suggests that women leaders shouldn't be surprised when the church “policewomen" want to keep them in line. This episode is also available on video.