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Spiderman Gone from the MCU?
September 01, 2019

This week the boys discuss the MASSIVE event that was D23 in Anaheim. Including all the new shows, movies and content announced on the Disney+ service.  Also they give their take on the Spiderman and Disney controversy... All that and much more Be Sure t.

The Streaming Wars...
August 23, 2019

Join the brothers this week as they talk about the upcoming streaming wars, nostalgic television, and everything else that comes up!  Also don't forget to Rate/Review and Subscribe where ever you get your podcasts from!! And follow us and contact us on T.

The Doubtfire Escape Plan
August 11, 2019

This week the boys discuss the wild prisoner escape plan in Rio, Disneys new Disney+ announcement, Antonio Browns foot mishap, the ever growing debate of iPhone vs Android and MUCH MORE!!! Be Sure to Rate, Review and Subscribe on iTunes, and follow us on.

Stingray Adventures
July 30, 2019

This week the brothers talk about James latest encounter with a sting ray, and all the top stories of the week!  Be Sure to rate Review and Subscribe and Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Best4BusinessPC

Time for a New Adventure...
July 20, 2019

In This weeks episode we change things up! the James and Zach open up and just shoot about pretty much everything Aliens at Area 51, NBA, Horrible Weather, The Rocks Sexual Preference and much more.    Be sure to Subscribe and follow us on Twitter and In.

Heyman & Bischoff to the Rescue?
July 01, 2019

In this week's episode we cover a TON!!! we discuss Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff being given control of RAW/Smackdown and whether its too little too late to change the rating decline tide. We also discuss a highly disturbing interview with Tommy Dreamer.

Happy Birthday Warrior
June 22, 2019

In this weeks episode we celebrate the Ultimate Warrior on his day of birth, we share a massage stories, and discuss medical physical protocols. We discuss whether Jon Moxley is getting over saturated along with some encouraging words from the Hitman and.

The Debacle in the Desert
June 15, 2019

We're breaking down the Botchamania that was the Saudi SuperShow. We hang out some more Cosplay fantasy booking, while Zach pours Hatorade on everybody James likes in the WWE. More encouraging words from the Hitman and MUCH MORE!!!    Be sure to Subscrib.

Countdown to Saudi
June 08, 2019

This Week we're talking about the STRUGGLES of a Marvel Hero, James' cosplay suggestion to change the wrestling industry, and we'll discuss the Saudi card! All that and MUCH MORE!!!    Be sure to subscribe and be a part of future episodes by following us.

The Return....
June 05, 2019

WE ARE BACK!!! Like we never left, NXT Talk, AEW discussion and The Moxley Interview all the things covered! Damn it feels sooo good to be back!