Benefits of Knowledge

Benefits of Knowledge

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19. The CGIB CHIP Plan with Dave Patriarche
October 06, 2021

Strides are constantly being made in the group benefits industry to better support employers who can then better support their employees. In this episode, Lorne Curry sits down with Dave Patriarche, f

18. Giving Another Perspective to Group Benefits with Mike McClenahan
September 22, 2021

Sometimes being able to access information from another perspective can help you understand it better. In this episode, Lorne Curry invites Mike McClenahan, VP of Partner Solutions with People Corpora

17. An Introduction To Teladoc Health with Isabelle Moreau
September 08, 2021

Does a service that addresses both physical and mental health and offers coverage to your entire immediate family — sound too good to be true? In this episode, Lorne Curry sits down with Isabelle More

16. What to Know About Travel Insurance Before You Travel
August 25, 2021

As the world begins to open up and allow for more travel, it is important to fully understand how travel insurance works to protect you while you are away. In this episode, Lorne Curry speaks about ho

15. Coordination of Benefits
August 11, 2021

When you and your spouse both have access to benefit plans, you can coordinate them to gain coverage from both insurance companies. In this episode, Lorne Curry educates you about how coordinating ben

14. The Total Compensation Statement
July 21, 2021

Being able to show your employees exactly what they are getting in their compensation package could be the key in attracting and retaining good employees. In this episode, Lorne Curry helps you unders

13. Employee Programs That Address Substance Use with Elliot Stone
July 07, 2021

There is often a disconnect between employees and employers when it comes to needing assistance with substance use. The stigma involved creates a barrier that blocks the employee from reaching out and

12. Controlling the Costs of Drug Plans
June 16, 2021

When you begin to look at the drug landscape, pricing can get tricky. It’s helpful to work with someone who can assist you in creating plans based on your own unique goals.  In this episode, Lorne Curry dives into the topic of employee drug plans and h...

11. The Wellness Spending Account with Tim Kane
June 02, 2021

We have introduced you to the healthcare spending account, but did you know there is a wellness spending account that can add benefits to things like gym memberships? In this episode, Lorne Curry sits down with TIm Kane, CEO of myHSA,

Episode 10 – Shopping For Your Benefits Plan
May 19, 2021

There are lots of things to take into account when you are shopping for a benefit plan that is going to suit you and your goals.  In this episode, Lorne Curry teaches you what goes into marketing your benefit.