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25. How to Make Friends as an Adult
October 29, 2019

If you’ve ever read C.S. Lewis’s fantastic book “The Four Loves”, or reflected on the relationship between David and Jonathan in the Bible,…

24. Behind the Scenes with’s John Hammontree
October 21, 2019

Hint: He interviews us, we interview him!

23. Sales Mindset 101 (Sales For People Who Hate Sales)
October 15, 2019

We’re talking about the big, bad, “S” word today .. no, not that word … we mean SALES!! In this episode…

22. Social Media: Harmful, Helpful or Both?
October 08, 2019

Social media is ubiquitous now. It connects us and gives us an opportunity to find our people in a world…

21. Sports Psychology: Why Do Humans Love Football?
October 01, 2019

Dr. Matthew Goldenberg joins us to talk about why we love sports in general, but football in particular. Back in…

20. Adulting: 4 Must-Have Legal Docs
September 24, 2019

What’s the difference between a living will and a will? Mary Scott fills us in on the 4 legal documents…

19. Negative Self-Talk: How to Confront Your Inner Critic
September 17, 2019

I want to talk today about re-writing the scripts we play in our heads. The things we tell ourselves over…

18. Neuroscience, Unconventional Living, and Facing Unfairness – a Convo with Rachel Medefind
September 10, 2019

Remember when we talked about real-life heroes? This week the Belle Curve hosts interview Rachel B’s kindred spirit, dear friend…

17. How To Develop A Risk-Taker Mindset
August 27, 2019

After our interview with Ashley Gann in episode 15 we got lots of questions about how to change your mindset…

16. Meeting Etiquette: When to Speak Up or Shut Up
August 20, 2019

Baffled by meeting etiquette? Are you often at a board room full of people who talk to much or find…