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The Bellarmine Forum Podcast – The Bellarmine Forum

BFP When Bishops Seek Utopia in this world, they must take it from you

June 06, 2020

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of all time was the brutal Passion of Our Lord. Yet, in the wake of that event, how did the Apostles react? Did they take up the standard of the zealots, and be glad that Barrabas was freed so they might teach the Romans a thing or two about anti-Judeaism?

Two Standards: Utopia (Satan’s Empty Promise) or Heaven (God’s Guarantee)

In the face of riots, we see two standards being promulgated by Bishops: some promise us utopia — the secular heaven of Satan’s marxist global “paradise”. Others, proclaim that Heaven has none of this tragedy and we want to get there so we must repent, pray, and follow Our Lord.

The Marxist Choice: Virtue Signal Because you are Guilty

Why did Cupich say in his statement this week that “what did we expect”? Why did one of his office publish a graphic description of “Covert white supremacy” that basically, in my opinion, indicts all of us as racists?

Marxist demoralization sought to convince the common man that he was guilty and hence, “demoralize” him. If we are saddled with a presumption of guilt, is this not demoralization?

Can we have Utopia or is it an empty promise of Satan? If it is, do we not reject it?

Compromise Not with the World

Our Lady told us at Akita that there would be thos in the Church who make compromises. Whith whom did they compromise? Can it be anyone other than the devil, i.e. the spiritus mundi? (See this discussion on Detente with the Devil and Stagnation of the Church for more)

Did the Libveration Theologians (who are those who teach secular humanism thus replacing Our Lord with the empty promises of Satan — an anti-Church, the errors of Russia) go away? Or are they active today with new tactics?

Fr. Miceli Describes the Liberation Theologians (Marxist Utopian Bishops)

Listen to a clip of Fr. Vincent Miceli describe Liberation Theologians in the Church and the errant bishops who follow it from 1985. Compare to today..

Finally, we are told today that nature is getting back at us for falling to contribute to a green fund. As Wilton Gregory complains that President Trump used a Church for politics, what does it mean to have money changers in the Vatican? What did Our Lord do to them?

President Trump tried to call people to God. St. John Chrysostom solved the riots of Antioch the same way — with the Sermons on the Statues. Calling people to repentance and reminding them that they want a plce in Heaven — the real utopia.

At the passion, nature did hide in shame — the Gospels tell us that at Our Lord’s death, the sun refused to shine and the earth shook ashamed of the tragedy that Jesus had been crucified at the hands of men.

Vigano wrote to President Trump and told him that there is a “Deep Church” operating within that infiltrated the Church the same way the Deep State Marcists infiltrated our government.

Repent and Pray for the Halt of the Marxist March

Clearly, we don’t need to battle for the empty promise of utopia. Rather, those of us who follow the Standard of Christ need to do as the Blessed Mother told us: repent, pray,