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Believe & Speak

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Episode 178
May 24, 2023

My daughter gave me the idea of which scripture to share with you in this week’s episode, and I can’t believe that after 178 episodes, I still haven’t featured the much-loved verses I’ll be reading to

Episode 177
May 17, 2023

This weeks declaration comes from Psalm 118, which I keep coming back to read as if God doesnt want me to miss something hiding there. Two of the verses in Psalm 118 inspired todays declaration, wh

Episode 176
May 10, 2023

I pulled this weeks declaration out of Ephesians 3:14-19, which comes just a couple verses after Paul writes of how God has welcomed us to come boldly and confidently into his presence because of Jes

Episode 175
May 03, 2023

When I was a little girl, I dressed up for church. I dressed up for parties. I dressed up for dining out. These days, I rarely get dressed up. Maybe thats why todays declaration makes me smile. Its

Episode 174
April 26, 2023

Our Bibles contain tons of examples of God helping his people snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat. Both Gideon with his tiny band of warriors and Jehoshaphat with all the fighting men of Israel w

Episode 173
April 19, 2023

Psalm 46 has been on my mind and in my heart a lot lately. I take great comfort reading Psalm 46 when my cage is being rattled and the ground around me is shaky. Maybe youre familiar with this part o

Episode 172
April 12, 2023

No matter what TikTok and Twitter have to say about Easter eggs and bunnies, they cannot negate or erase the truth about Easter. Jesus died and rose again to pay for the sins of the world and cancel o

Episode 171
April 05, 2023

If ever there was a valley of the shadow of death, its what the disciples faced on Good Friday. If ever there was a table prepared in the presence of enemies, its what Jesus did on Easter Sunday. Th

Episode 170
March 29, 2023

Todays declaration is a wonderful reminder for those of us who more readily identify with a paper plate rather than with the fine China reserved for a special occasion. Todays declaration is designe

Episode 169
March 22, 2023

When I was a teenager, a local Christian band sang a song with a country swing that went like this: Touchin and agreein as You commanded us, oh Lord. Believin and receivin, all gathered in one ac