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Episode 32
August 05, 2020

Last weekend my pastor preached while standing between two tall pillars. The one on the left side of the platform was labeled “Goodness” and the other “Control”. He said we experience God’s peace when we dwell between those two pillars.

Episode 31
July 29, 2020

I once heard it said that we are human beings not human doings, and yet we always feel like we need to be doing something. Right now, especially, I feel the need to do something, say something, make things better somehow. But how? In today’s episode,

Episode 30
July 22, 2020

This morning, as I meditated on the Scripture I chose for this week’s episode, a thought came to mind. It may not be very original, but it’s the first time I ever thought of it. The tongue with all its power is located between the brain and the heart.

Episode 29
July 15, 2020

Today is a good day to note that the Believe & Speak podcast was inspired by my book, Longing to Belong: Discovering the Joy of Acceptance. I can’t help but point that out because I just released my book yesterday.

Episode 28
July 08, 2020

Last weekend Americans like me celebrated our independence. My family lit a few small fireworks in the large gravel driveway at my house. We also had sparklers in various primary colors. I have loved sparklers since I was a child.

Episode 27
July 01, 2020

With today’s episode, I hope to remind you that you don’t have to work at perfection. God perfected you when he purified you with the blood of Jesus. Jesus died not only so that you could live, but so that you could live free of guilt and shame.

Episode 26
June 24, 2020

This week’s episode has been brewing in my heart and mind for more than two weeks. I actually knew what the Scripture and declaration would be well in advance of this date. I was simply waiting for the right time.

Episode 25
June 17, 2020

My pastor made a point last weekend about how those of us who are in Christ shun shame and shaming. In other words, I am who God says I am. I am who God created me to be. And so are you. You and I have no reason to feel shame in our identity,

Episode 24
June 10, 2020

Mary’s prayer: We choose thoughtful in-person discussions around dinner tables to hollering our opinions to masses on the Internet. Yesterday, Mary DeMuth shared a prayer of repentance from racial injustice on her podcast, Pray Every Day.

Episode 23
June 03, 2020

My heart is broken with grief over the tragic death of George Floyd. My spirit is heavy with the weight of the pain, unrest, and anger that has boiled over in response to the injustice. I ache at the condition of the human heart—that it could harbor su...