Becoming Your Best | The Principles of Highly Successful Leaders

Becoming Your Best | The Principles of Highly Successful Leaders

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Episode 392 - How to Present Like a Pro (Virtually or in Person) with Jacqueline Farrington
August 15, 2023

How we say what we say is crucial; a speaker whose voice and body language don't match the message screams: I don't believe what I'm saying. For a leader to be credible and trustworthy, their voice, gestures, and message must look, sound and feel the same

Finding Happiness Today with Michael O’Brien
August 08, 2023

Understanding that life happens for you and not to you is a revolutionary concept that can change your life. For instance, when misfortune knocks on your door, instead of asking why me, you can appreciate the light-hearted people that helped you and be gr

Episode 390 - Green Beans and Ice Cream. The Remarkable Power of Positive Reinforcement with Bill Sims Jr.
August 01, 2023

Paychecks reinforce one behavior from your team members: showing up to work daily. But does it ensure their voluntary effort in giving their best safety, productivity, and quality-wise? Absolutely not; the only way to guarantee team members' commitment to

Episode 389 - Problem Solver. Maximizing Your Strengths to Make Better Decisions with Cheryl Strauss Einhorn
July 25, 2023

Making a Google search is so common the act already became a verb: googling something. There's nothing wrong with it, yet we should pay more attention to some things. For instance, relying mindlessly on one source of information is agreeing to that source

Choosing Greatness with Christina Curtis
July 18, 2023

Although we can't control what kind of phone call we'll receive first thing in the morning, nor the content or the tone of the first email in our inbox, we can choose how to react to it. Triggering messages and negative feedback will cause an emotional re

Episode 387 - F-35: The Inside Story of the Lightning II
July 11, 2023

What should a leader do when the program they oversee receives nothing but criticism and doubt from outside? How important are leadership, team building, and team management skills to absorb the pressure and turn a program from possible failure to a resou

Episode 386 - Master Storytelling. How to Use Your Experiences to Lift and Inspire Others with Mark Carpenter
July 04, 2023

Storytelling has existed since humankind's dawn; it has always been a handy tool to share experiences, prevent others from dangers, teach, and create a sense of belonging. We are so connected to stories that hearing one generates chemical reactions in our

Episode 385 - Lead Through Change and Leave a Legacy with Julie Noonan
June 27, 2023

Although change can be scary sometimes, especially when it pushes us out of our comfort zone, it is also an agent for growth, evolution, and legacy creation. As leaders, we should always take advantage of an opportunity to change.This week, we’re joined b

Episode 384 - Leadership Principles of My Great Aunt EDNA with Mac McNeil
June 20, 2023

What is excellence in leadership?Contrary to what many people think, excellence has nothing to do with the results we get but how we do things. Excellence is not about the outcome; it is about the process.Today, I'm joined by the inspiring Mac McNeil, a t

Episode 383 - Time to Lead with JB Steenkamp
June 13, 2023

Do you know what your leadership style is?Leaders who prefer a directive approach might end up succeeding or becoming dictators, and servant leaders can also thrive and empower their teams or turn into doormats. In leadership, there isn't a magic recipe;