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Beavercreek Christian Church Podcast

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SERMON – Training Ground: Scripture and Study – Ed Green
February 18, 2020

This week Ed Green finishes up our series entitled Training Ground with he practice of scripture and study. Ed shows us that its not just simply reading and its not just collecting information, its meditating on the scriptures and letting them permeate...

SERMON – Training Ground: Forgiveness & Confession – Stew Sheckler
February 11, 2020

We continue our series on practices for the journey called Training Ground with Stew Sheckler brining us a message about forgiveness. In the current social environment it's easy to get lost in revenge scenarios and let fear drive us,

SERMON – Training Ground: Fasting/Detachment – Isaac Seevers
February 04, 2020

This week Isaac Seevers leads us into the practice of fasting and detachment. He reminds us that fasting is not all about food, or whatever we give up, it's about focusing our hearts and minds on God. He asks us to remember that if we are going to give...

SERMON – Training Ground: Simplicity – Ted Gatlin
January 28, 2020

Ted Gatlin continued our series called Training Ground this week. Ted showed us that simplicity is removing the complexities of life out of the way by saying, "yes," to something that God is calling you to do, that way its easy to say, "no,

SERMON – Training Ground: Sabbath & Solitude – Chris McClure
January 21, 2020

This week Chris McClure continues our series called Training Ground by teaching us about the practice of sabbath and solitude. Chris helps us see that busyness feels productive and is rewarded by our culture,

SERMON – Training Ground: Prayer – Stew Sheckler
January 13, 2020

This week Stew Sheckler kicks off our series with our first practice of the Training Ground: Prayer. Stew explores his struggles with praying and the insight he gleaned from Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers) and the Lord's prayer.

SERMON – Stories of BCC/Intro to Training Ground
January 07, 2020

This week we did things a bit differently. Stew Sheckler shared a 2019 review of BCC, how the numbers tell us the story of what God is doing among us. He shared an "infographic" to help introduce the idea that you can find here.

2019 in Review
January 02, 2020

This week the whole speaking team (save Isaac) joined each other on the stage to review 2019. They all reflect on how God has spoken to them and grown them in 2019. Then they spend a few minutes reflecting on what 2020 may hold,

Why Christmas? Jesus Came to Destroy the Work of the Devil
January 02, 2020

This last sermon in the series is a few weeks behind, we took a break to be with our families and postponed the release. Thanks for keeping up with us. - In this message Ed Green takes on how Jesus came to destroy the work of the enemy/Satan/the Devil...

SERMON – Why Christmas? Jesus came to seek and save the lost.
December 19, 2019

As we continue our Christmas series about why Jesus came to the earth and Why Christmas is important, Chris McClure talks about Jesus coming to seek and save the lost. Maybe you've seen signs that say, "Jesus saves!