The Official BeatzCoin Podcast

The Official BeatzCoin Podcast

The Official BeatzCoin Podcast - 11

December 29, 2018

Roy Washington, from Milwaukee Wisconsin is the host of the QuestNation Podcast, Artist and mentor for young artist in the community. Our conversation goes from his artistic inspirations, his networking with the quest nation podcast, to the work ethic needed to make it as a musician and how blockchain can change the world of music.

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3:30 Start of Interview: Roy growing up and inspirations

11:00 How Roy branched out QuestNation and met many Artist

17:00 Roy's thoughts on how underground artist to be successful

20:45 Me explaining the music ecosystem Vibravid will provide and how marketing will be more efficient compared to now

23:10 Roy's Advice to young musicians

25:10 Money doesn't equal happiness

31:00 Roy's opinion on the 2nd best NBA player

33:30 My Favorite Artist and goals for 2019