Be Your Best Self Today Podcast

Be Your Best Self Today Podcast

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#008 Why I Cannot Help Everyone
December 06, 2015

There is not one single person in this world that is without a wish-list; everyone has something that they want/need/desire, and the only real way to obtain a goal or outcome, is to make the necessary efforts yourself.

#021 Will Power: do you have enough?
November 02, 2015

To achieve anything in this life without the will to succeed is going to exhaust you mentally, causing nothing but mental fatigue and sorrow. The goals you set for yourself give power to your will. Do your goals and aspirations feed your will?

#020 Wake Your Passion
November 01, 2015

Life is nothing without passion. The things that people do are either stimulating or boring, and if you can find no real enthusiasm for whatever you do, you’re best bet is to find something new to entertain your spirits.

#019 Relationships That Have Passed Their Expiry Date
October 26, 2015

If it’s over then let it be. Harsh but true words, as hanging onto someone who has no more interest in you is a true waste of energy and effort. Why not save this energy for a new and fulfilling relationship? Start living again and be free!

#018 Making Resolutions
October 25, 2015

The New Year is not the only time to be making resolutions, why wait an entire year before committing to something new? Every new day brings an opportunity for advancement.

#017 How’s Your Relationship With Yourself?
October 24, 2015

Are you a great asset to your self, or are you your own worst enemy? This podcast serves to remind you that there is a fine line between being your own ‘friend’ or ‘foe,’ but which path will you choose?

#016 Having an Outlet
October 23, 2015

We all need to get things off of our chest; this prevents us from overloading with stress and dis-ease. All burdens need to be removed – not hoarded! So start ‘releasing’ today, and lighten the load that’s been holding you back in life.

#015 Have You Given Up on Already?
October 22, 2015

So, you’ve had enough, life’s become too much to deal with, and you’re now looking for a way out? Listen to this podcast before you make a choice that you’ll regret. Who knows what’s really waiting around the corner for you?

#014 Forgive Yourself and Move on
October 21, 2015

The world is full of imperfections; people are these imperfections, so why do you feel as though you’re never allowed to make a mistake every no-and-then? Let yourself off of the hook, or live to regret your life, it’s your call.

#013 Face up to Your Challenges
October 20, 2015

No more running from what is good for you! Stand up and deal with your challenges, or stay hiding, and running away forever. Your growth and development will suffer if you allow yourself to remain weak in this power-hungry world.