The British Broadcasting Century with Paul Kerensa

The British Broadcasting Century with Paul Kerensa

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SPECIAL: The Prehistory of the BBC (extended cut)
November 13, 2021

It's the BBC’s 99th birthday! Well it was on the day this episode landed. So for episode 37, here’s the podcast’s story so far...   Between season 2 (covering the BBC in 1922) and season 3 (the BBC in

Out with the Old: The First BBC New Year’s Eve
October 30, 2021

1922 (and season 2 of the podcast) closes with, you guessed it, New Year's Eve. But this one's special. For the first time, Brits don't need to go out to celebrate. They can stay home and listen to th

Reith Begins!
October 07, 2021

December 29th-30th 1922: General Manager John Reith begins work! The good ship Broadcasting finally gets its captain. On Episode 35 of The British Broadcasting Century, we bring you the complete tale

Newcastle‘s Christmas Launch: Let It 5NO, Let It 5NO, Let It 5NO!
September 15, 2021

It's Christmas! (Well not now, it's Sept 2021 as I write/record this, but it was Christmas, in 1922.) Time for a 4th BBC station... the first to be constructed from scratch under the BBC banner. Hear

The First Couple of Marconi House: December 1922
August 23, 2021

Our story of early British broadcasting reaches the week before Christmas 1922. The BBC staff of four have found Savoy Hill, made an offer, but for now have one room at GEC's Magnet House lined up for

The Licence Fee Problem... of 1922
August 06, 2021

December 22nd 1922: The Chairman of the Broadcasting Committee writes to the Postmaster General urging him to address the licence fee problem. "Listeners-in" are already dodging the tariffs... and Joh

The Hunt for BBC Premises, Burrows vs Marconi + Prof Gabriele Balbi
July 21, 2021

Season 2 Episode 4 (aka Episode 31 in total) flashes us back to Arthur Burrows' pre-BBC days, and brings us to December 17th-20th 1922, when 4/5 of the BBC workforce (ie. 4 people of the 5) tour centr

The First BBC Staff: Reith, Burrows, Lewis, Anderson, White (+ David Hamilton)
June 30, 2021

"I had little idea what broadcasting was." So said John Reith after his job interview to become General Manager of the brand new BBC. On this exciting episode, meet your first General Manager (Reith),

The First Listings: from Norman Long to Neville Chamberlain
June 10, 2021

Yellow highlighters at the ready - the listings have arrived! Except it's weeks 2 + 3 of the BBC, back in Nov/Dec 1922, and the Radio Times is nearly a year away. So how do we know what's on the wirel

The First BBC Entertainers... and Lee Mack
May 24, 2021

Season 2 begins! So please welcome to the microphone: entertainment! The very first. Journey back to November 16th 1922 - Day 3 of the BBC - to meet Auntie's first entertainers. But history being hist