Be-YOU-tiful Adaptive Warrior

Be-YOU-tiful Adaptive Warrior

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Overcoming Fear Part 3 of 3
September 20, 2023

Fear of Letting Go - As we come to the end of this three part series on overcoming fear I feel that today's podcast of Letting Go to be a big one, especially for amputees. Not that we all don't stru

Overcoming Fear Part 2
September 13, 2023

Fear of Failure - A big fear of mine has always been failing, especially in front of a lot of people. How about you? - After becoming an amputee this became the daily fear that would well up inside

Overcoming Fear: Part 1
September 06, 2023

Fear of the Unknown - We all face challenges in life and more than that we all struggle with how uncomfortable it is to not know whats going to happen. - - We get fixated on the what ifs and be

The Elephant in the Room
August 23, 2023

The Reality of Phantom Pain - - It's real! - It does exist, and it can come out of nowhere and attack you when you least expect it. Phantom pain is an equal opportunity offender with no regard for

Living With Purpose
August 09, 2023

It's Time to Wake and Seize the Day - - As I approached my surgery date for my amputation I began to dream. I dreamt of all the things that could be a challenge and how I was going to conquer each

Peace in the Waiting
August 02, 2023

Finding Patience Amidst Trials Today, I want to share with you an important lesson I've been learning lately: the power of patience in the face of trials. Life has a funny way of throwing obstacles

Fresh Eyes
July 26, 2023

Seeing Your Life with Renewed Positivity - What grounds you and wakes you up to the moment you're living in? - What lights a fire and gives you strength and clarity? - I realize that all too often,

Never Ending Challenges
July 19, 2023

When You Least Expect It Just when you think you are in the clear. Or when you feel like you got it all together....Wham!!! - Yep, life sends you into a new challenge. - I am 4 1/2 years out from my a

New Chapter, New You
July 12, 2023

Reinventing Yourself - What would you do if you have a second chance? How would you spend your days if you received a new lease on life? - This is how I felt after my amputation. I realized that t

Reality Check
June 28, 2023

Are you seeing amputees doing all the things you could only dream of doing? Thinking you are so far behind that you could never get there? Or see them doing amazing things, pain-free? - Well, in the