Bank-Fintech Fusion

Bank-Fintech Fusion

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Banking As a Service with Green Dot’s Seth Ross
November 19, 2019

Seth Ross leads business development for Green Dot, a technology company-turned-bank that is leading the way in forging partnerships with tech companies like Apple, Stash and Uber. In this podcast, Ross explains how Green Dot makes this work,

Capital One: Trust, Identity and Authentication in Digital Banking
November 14, 2019

Identifying internet users is a problem as old as email. For banks verifying high-value money transfers, it's a major issue that must be confronted every day, around the clock, and stakes are high for both the customer and the institution.

Capital One: Building New Tools to Empower the Customer
November 06, 2019

Tom Poole, senior vice president for payments and identity at Capital One, spoke with CCG Catalyst's Scarlett Sieber at Money20/20 in Las Vegas. Their wide-ranging discussion touched on aspects of mobile payments and the key role of authentication in t...

Banking on Gen Z with Pluto Money
November 04, 2019

Generation Z presents a new challenge to financialmarketers. This financially aware generation is about to blaze into the workforce and looks to avoid the mistakes of previous generations. In this episode of Bank-Fintech Fusion, Tim Yu,