The Bangkok Podcast | Life in Thailand's Buzzing Capital

The Bangkok Podcast | Life in Thailand's Buzzing Capital

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Buddhist Scholar Justin McDaniel Discusses the History & Meaning of Thai Amulets [S6.E13]
November 01, 2022

Greg interviews Buddhist scholar Justin McDaniel on the topic of Buddhism amulets. Justin is a true scholar of religion, especially Asian religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, but he developed a st

Bangkok in Memoriam: A Look Back at a Few Places We Miss the Most [S6.E12]
October 25, 2022

Every Bangkok newbie has places that are near and dear to them, and which play a role in their early days of getting settled and finding your groove in Bangkok. Greg and Ed discuss some of these Bangk

Cause & Effect: The Thailand Clean Air Network Talks Health and Poison Air [S6.E11]
October 18, 2022

Greg interviews Khun Weena from the , a guest who previously appeared on Episode 66 of Season 4, when Thailand was in the middle of a crazy air pollution crisis. Since then K. Weena and her organizati

Is Thailand a Woke-Free Zone? [S6.E10]
October 11, 2022

Greg and Ed open up a can of snakes (this is Thailand after all) and discuss whether Thailand is a woke-free zone. The guys begin by realizing that the word woke itself does not have a very clear

Amy Lefevre Joins to Talk Careers, Cliques and Finding Your Level in Bangkok [S6.E9]
October 04, 2022

With interest in Thailand returning to pre-pandemic levels and the podcast getting an increasing number of emails asking for advice on living and working here, Greg interviews old acquaintance Amy Lef

The Best Apps for Making Life in Thailand Fun and (Dare We Say It) Easy [S6.E8]
September 27, 2022

Greg and Ed dive into the crowded App and Play stores to discuss the various phone apps that make living in Bangkok easier. Greg begins by giving props to our excellent listeners who submitted a whole

Environmental Journalist James Fahn Updates His Outlook on Thailand’s Eco-Efforts [S6.E7]
September 20, 2022

Greg interviews James Fahn, the Executive Director of Internews Earth Journalism Network. Greg begins by opening a discussion about James book , which was published in 2003, after James worked as

22 Years Later: Ed Boils Bangkok Down to 5 Reasons He Stays [S6.E6]
September 13, 2022

Ed reminisces on 22 years in Thailand and tries to summarize exactly why he has decided to stay for so long. Its hard to sum up, of course, but Ed manages to come up with five positives and three neg

Finnish Ambassador Jyri Järviaho on Diplomatic History, Economic Trade & Vodka [S6.E5]
September 06, 2022

Greg interviews Jyri Jrviaho, Finlands Ambassador to Thailand. Although Greg makes a valiant attempt at pronouncing the Ambassadors name, the two begin by discussing the difficulty of Finnish, with

The Mystery of Old Western Songs in Thailand That Won’t Die [S6.E4]
August 30, 2022

Greg and Ed discuss the fascinating topic of old Western pop songs that enjoy a shocking degree of popularity in Thailand. For those foreigners who have spent any amount of time in the Land of Smiles,