Baltimore Beatdown: for Baltimore Ravens fans

Baltimore Beatdown: for Baltimore Ravens fans

Qadry Ismail

November 02, 2021

What's up everyone? After a brief hiatus over the bye weekend, the boys are back with a fun Tuesday episode here for your enjoyment. To kick things off, they discuss some recent news, such as the shocker that was Malik Harrison taking a stray bullet in a shooting in Cleveland (prayers up to him) as well as some of the trades we saw in the NFL on Monday, with some discussion on how active they'd like the Ravens to be. After that opening banter, the guys are joined by a Pantheon guest in Qadry Ismail (@IAmQadryIsmail), the former Ravens receiver and current broadcaster. Qadry brought a ton of fun energy to a wide ranging chat that covered his career as a player, broadcaster, and his thoughts on this current team. We hope you guys enjoy, and we'll talk to you again later in the week!

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