Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Magical Journey Guided Meditation with poem, "Tech and Me"

January 31, 2022

Unplug and relax with Julie Potiker as she takes you on a magical journey where you will find peace, connection, compassion and balance. She completes this guided meditation with her poem, "Tech and Me".

Tech and Me by Julie Potiker


Intuitively I slow my breathing

Feel my bottom in the chair

Unplug cords in the many cord strip

Unplug cords in my chest, arms and hands

Plug little blocks back in

Shut down, restart

Shut down


Is that the same as sleeping?

The monitor is a luminous black blank

My laptop plugged in is a shade of navy blue, reflecting my unwashed face in glasses, my sleeping sweater bought by a dear friend that I wear when I want to feel her hug

I wear it so much it is fraying


A monitor filled with little squares

Illuminated post it notes of productivity

Chaos on the screen that somehow feels cozy

Still unable to connect to zoom

Still unable to use my phone as a hot spot

Tiptoeing into the bedroom

It’s cold in here

My tech support man is in a cave of blankets and pillows, the dog’s paws drying on the rug after an early walk down the snow filled driveway

There are ice-cycles dripping from the satellite dish

Could that be the cause of lack of connectivity?

It’s 10 minutes until Zoom

I’ve been patiently quietly trying for 30 minutes, or more

Do I wake him?

Oh…if the network cable is plugged in, turn off WI-Fi on the tool bar at the top he mutters, see if you get Google

No…unplug, re-plug… if it doesn’t work, come get me

He’s here now, in his sleepy head

This is interesting he says

Got to restart it - I already did that

Since we know the internet is working

And the WI-Fi is working

Therefore, the problem is in your computer

Do you understand that the problem is in your computer itself?


He did it! My people! My tribe, there they are! 25 beautiful souls!

New faces along with old favorites

I let go of the wish I had on a bra, contacts, make up – be here now!

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