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200 Dr. Diana Kirschner- Key Secrets to Finding Your High Value "Diamond Self"
June 13, 2018

Why is the relationship you have with yourself so key to you meeting the man of yours dreams or having that real quality love that so many of us desire and fail to achieve? Dr. Diana Kirschner shares with you the key secrets to finding your high...

199 Leila Khan- Toxic Men: How to Identify Toxic Behaviour in Others
June 07, 2018

Are you attracting toxic men? Do you know how to spot them? Do you know how to tell if someone's behavior is healthy or unhealthy? Leila Khan shares with you how to spot toxic behavior in others so you can avoid men that are toxic and stop getting...

198 Ken Bechtel- Everything it Takes to Have A High-Quality Man Notice
May 29, 2018

Would you like to know how to get noticed by high-quality men? Are you lost when it comes to finding the man of your dreams? Ken Bechtel shares with you the secrets to meeting your high-quality man. About Ken Bechtel For over 20...

197 Irene Hogan- How to Survive Menopause
May 24, 2018

What is menopause? When does it happen? How long does it last? Author of, "Hot Chix, Hot Sex, How to Survive Menopause" Irene Hogan gets real about what happens to your body during menopause and how it can affect your sex life. About Irene Hogan I am...

196 Stephanie Churma- NLP For Love
May 17, 2018

Do you keep getting dumped? Are you struggling to find the man of your dreams? Do you keep attracting the same type of relationship? Stephanie Churma discusses how your patterns could be holding you back from finding the love you desire.   About...

195 Titus S. McMillan- Is Past Trauma Holding You Back?
May 10, 2018

Are you struggling with love? Is the past haunting your future? Titus S McMillian shares with you today how to heal from the inside out.

194 Gigi Bisong- Self-Sourcing Love To Experience Love At It's Depths
May 03, 2018

  Learn how to become the embodiment of self-sourcing love to experience love at its depths and attract the man of your dreams. After all, it all comes from within. About Gigi Bisong Gigi is the co-founder of the Bisong/Mapes speaking...

193 Lisa Avery- The Positive Psychology of Relationships
April 26, 2018

What is positive psychology and how does it help you get the man you want, everything you want in life?  A powerful interview about authenticity, what makes us happy at our core and how to live your life at your optimum and therefore attracting...

191 Diane Kazer- Understanding Hormones & Their Role In Your Sex Drive
April 19, 2018

Have you lost your sex drive? Does it mean you are not attracted to him anymore? Or has it got to do with your diet, body and hormones? With me, today on Magnet for Love Podcast is Diane Kazer and she here to tell you how to get the sizzle back in...

192 Rachael L Thompson- Why Loving Yourself Is The Crucial First Step in Any Relationship
April 19, 2018

Why is loving yourself such a crucial part of succeeding in life? Succeeding in your romantic relationships, your business, with money, career, healthy and so forth. Why is loving yourself such an influencing factor? About Rachael L Thompson Rachael...