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Badass Agile

Badass Unscripted - Stretch Goals

June 03, 2021

  • I was recently caught in an online conversation about how its inhumane to give teams stretch goals.

  • We've been fooled into believing that this is how people are getting more and more stressed

  • Stretch goals do not mean longer hours or added performance pressure.  It means getting people to find ways to get better.  To produce more with less effort.  To be more effective.  To bring more passion to their work, to take new things and make them habitual so they can focus on the stuff that matters.

  • Here's the deal.  If you don't tear muscle, it doesn't grow.  If you don't challenge the mind, it doesn't expand.  If you don't push your limits, you never get to see what you're made of, and how far you can go.

  • That distaste you feel for being pushed in not injustice, it is fear.

  • So get out there and ask to be pushed.  We already live soft, easy lives, stop asking for a pass on the hard challenges that define a life well lived.



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