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Badass Conversations - David Rutherford, ex-Navy SEAL, Author and Speaker

July 19, 2020

As you know, I bring on guests rarely and carefully.  But when I KNOW someone will entertain, inform AND inspire you...its a no-brainer.  There's a reason why David Rutherford is a highly sought-after speaker - he's an ex-Navy SEAL, author and speaker who delivers the goods for The Boston Red Sox, Oregon State Beavers, and a long list of leading brands in every imaginable category.  It's not just his battlefield experiences that make him unique; it's his wit, humour and authenticity that you'll hear firsthand as he weaves in lessons learned from being a father, friend, and renaissance man.   David gave us 70 minutes of create conversation and insight around fear, gratitude, the human condition, and team life.

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