Badass Agile

Badass Agile

Episode 100 - A Retrospective On Badass Agile

July 21, 2019

100 Episodes in, I thought it was a good time to stop and express my gratitude and to reflect on what we’ve accomplished so far….and what I’ve learned..

  • Our growth and reach after 2 years has been truly staggering.  THANK YOU ALL!!!

  • I’m still very attached to my original vision of creating 1) A resource for fellow agilists and leaders on how to become more agile, not necessarily on how to do scrum and 2) Creating an elite tribe of leaders who understand how to be successful in the board room and in the team room and beyond.

  • The #1 thing I learned….JUST GO.  Consistency matters more than anything else in life.  This applies not only to your agile practice, but to every area of endeavour.

  • Consistency means showing up ever day, but also IMPROVING every day.

  • Simplicity matters.  To add massive value, you have to constantly improve and automate your processes.

  • Here are some other things I learned about kicking ass in general:

    • Never ever ask for permission.  Be who you are.  Your unique voice is your value

    • Figure out your distinction - what do you do better than anyone else in the world.  Your true fans will find you.

    • You have to have the courage to be unswayed by someone else’s opinion.

    • Your real currency in the agile world is not your ability to do ’the practices’ to perfection, but rather the unique values and voice you bring to the party.

    • Never prioritize knowledge or perfection, and never hoard knowledge.  Give your best stuff away for free.

    • What creates true believers is the emotional connection you make with your tribe.

  • Focus on the one thing you can do today that gets you closer to your achieving your goals and dreams.  Keep it small, but do it every day.

  • Don’t forget–stay humble!