Badass Agile

Badass Agile

Episode 94 - Delighting Customers

April 29, 2019
What does it really mean to delight your customer? Are we doing this just because we're doing Agile? And if not, why not?

  • Focusing on delighting the customer is the edge - that most businesses miss

  • You can minimize the bottom line all you want, but isn’t it easier to maximize the top line?  In fact, what good are efficient processes and policies if you have no revenue because you have no customers?

  • What is the cost of replacing or retaining a customer?  Is focusing on the bottom line still cheaper?

  • An Agile practitioner must support Customer Delight by not only creating shared values and advertising them at the sprint, daily, and momentary level, but also by trusting the teams….not only setting targets for how we live our values, but letting them actually go out and do the footwork of delivering it.