Badass Agile

Badass Agile

Episode 59 - Tension Kills Everything

July 23, 2018
In North America, our lives are increasingly defined by the amount of stress we can shoulder.  The ability to ‘push a little harder’ each year is considered a mark of dedication and achievement - but should it really be that way?  Is success really about maximum effort?

  • Tension and anxiety are not only pervasive in our society, they are also lethal.  You can see the impacts of stress everywhere on people’s health and happiness

  • In nature, too much or too little of anything throws the system out of balance, and restoring that balance is costly to the health of the system

  • We must learn how much physical, mental and emotional effort is enough, and we must be constantly aware that too much effort is not only wasteful, but dangerous.

  • The most important skill you can teach your teams as a coach is balance - in every aspect of what we do